Been a while

Been through quite a bit lately. Back to writing though. I won’t be posting an interest check and the like just yet until I have the first few chapters made. However, I will need help with the coding of said game.

Can someone remind me how to hide an option for dialogue using a variable? I remember it’s something along the lines of this…

*hide if var >= x

#I wonder if she’d head my way next. I’m not in uniform right now though.
*set Combat 50
#I’ve always been more the type to create machines than to destroy things…
*set Engineering 50
#She’d probably talk to me too if I was wearing my EMS uniform. Maybe.
*set Medical 50
#Well, being in sales doesn’t mean much to most.
*set Speechcraft 50
#Call me a coward but I’d rather avoid it all if I could. Everything! Under the table I’d go if it were socially acceptable!
*set Stealth 50

You have other talents aside from those, of course. Work that you do on the side even if you’re not trained for it.

*if Combat != 50 #I train to fight. I’m not the best at it but… pretty okay.
*set Combat 40
*if Engineering != 50 #I fix things. Robots, generators, cars… put a wrench in my hand, I’ll make it turn.
*set Engineering 40
*if Medical != 50 #First aid, actually. It never hurts to be prepared.
*set Medical 40
*if Speechcraft != 50 #I talk to a lot of people. Networking is very important these days.
*set Speechcraft 40
*if Stealth != 50 #Mostly dodge my boss at work honestly…
*set Stealth 40

The error here is that it’s reading “I’m not the best at it but pretty okay” as an “invalid token” and I’m not sure why. Apologies.

Disregard. I figured it out.

For anyone who stumbles on this later:

  *if (var >= 10) # Option A


  *if (var >= 10)
    # Option A
    # Option B
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Thanks man. Forgot the parenthesis.

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