BeeLine Reader - A reading help


Hey there!

I recently was looking through Tumblr, doing my usual stuff while writing some FAWR scenes. There, I noticed a little handy tool, called BeeLine Reader. It helps keeping track of the lines you previously were reading on, and finding the next so you don’t skip a line or read the previous one twice.

I don’t have dyslexia, nor any other problems with readings, but a long while ago I read a few posts where people are having problems reading or keeping track of everything. Thus, I thought that this tool could come in handy for those people, helping them to find the right line better.

Here you can see how this program looks like when in use:

Sadly, so far it is not compatible with ChoiceScript, so it won’t work on the games as you don’t see the next button or the choices. Still, I think that this is a handy tool and if it helps people with reading, then why not?

I hope that this was informative and that I could help some people this way. :slight_smile:


Strangely enough I don’t notice any difference, but I do pretty much scan read (screw reading words), It does seem like it’d help keep track of lines when reading long passages. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Nice find, I tend to only skim when reading walls of text, this is just brilliant!


I am dyslexia so great find but I am also color blind so not to useful to me, but thanks for thinking of us. :smile:


Oh my… also colour blind :frowning:
Must be tough… if I am not mistaken, then you can switch to grey tones. Perhaps that helps? Like, going from bright to black?
Not sure if that is of any help though, as I cant test something like that myself…


No not tough at all as many here help me with my grammar, or more likely put up with it lol, and as far as color blind I am red green color blind so I see colors just not all of them. However, you cant miss what you never had so its normal to me. :slight_smile:


Ah, I see. And yes, you are probably right.
About the colour problem: You said red and green are difficult for you?
Try out your own colours then! :slight_smile:
There is a custom colour bar, where you can select your prefered colours.