Becoming Guardian (WIP) - Updated 03/21/2020

I found some typo

Shouldn’t this be “Your internship” instead of “You internship”?

I’m confused here… did you mean “what drew you two initially ” or “what drew you to him initially”?

I believe this should be “found out” instead of “finding out”.

Shouldn’t this be “you thought” instead of “you though”?

Well, that’s about it.
Other than that, I really enjoyed reading it! Especially this part;

Keep up the good work!

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I loved the game, I hope it will be complete someday!

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Hey, Author, I play the game and got a dead end. I was in Samantha Newell storyline, it happen after I do boxing with Amelia and then she said something about sitting on a winners table, I think. And then there’s an end just like if you finish the game. I play in mobile btw, I don’t know if it’s matter.

But overall even in short play, I can say you have pretty good and interesting story there, keep it up!