Becoming Guardian (WIP) - Updated 03/21/2020

hey congrats on the update, just want to report that the aaron route is bugged: after you customise your character you end up meeting sam for coffee


Thank you!!

Bug should be fixed, thanks for pointing it out.

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So I got to the boxing part with Amelia, I waited for her to make a move and tried moving to the right and it caused an error, something about expecting a 4 but getting a 5 I think.

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Glad to see you back, I was missing this story! :heart:

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I keep getting a bug where I end up meeting Sam for coffee instead of Aaron, but I’m glad to see this is back :smile:


And in the stats page displays Sam’s profile instead of Aaron’s.


Got stuck in the Arcade with Ray I can’t get out of the simulator thingy. And how do I take screenshots with this computer windows 9?

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@IppoTheDriller Fixed! Thank you.

@Liza_P Whoops now it should be fixed. Thank you!

@everything-in-ordis Should display Aaron’s now. Thanks!

@MasterChief117John as in it’s stuck in a loop you reach a dead end?

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Yay I missed this, excited for what’s to come! :slightly_smiling_face:


The bug causing players to be stuck in the plot of SAO (aka getting stuck in the VR game) should be fixed now!

Anyway u can add a save system

On a list of things to do, I promise.

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Can’t seem to get past this scene

Hello! I really like the story so far, it’s very unique. I don’t know if this is something you’re looking for but I did find some spelling/grammatical errors. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, please let me know!! I know some authors prefer more substance-based feedback.

some more substantive feedback would be that, in reference to Aaron’s route, i think it would be good to have readers choose the backstory for how they and the bestfriend actually became bestfriends. it would give more character personality and allow for the readers to feel more submerged in the story. i think thats it for now though, great story premise and i like your writing style as well.

also i love the usage of “chatsnap” lmao

It’s a dead end. I just couldn’t progress anyfurther. Does anyone know how I can take screencaptures with my PC?

Is this the end of the demo?? I remember it had more scenes :thinking:


I found some typo

Shouldn’t this be “Your internship” instead of “You internship”?

I’m confused here… did you mean “what drew you two initially ” or “what drew you to him initially”?

I believe this should be “found out” instead of “finding out”.

Shouldn’t this be “you thought” instead of “you though”?

Well, that’s about it.
Other than that, I really enjoyed reading it! Especially this part;

Keep up the good work!

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I loved the game, I hope it will be complete someday!

Click print screen

Hey, Author, I play the game and got a dead end. I was in Samantha Newell storyline, it happen after I do boxing with Amelia and then she said something about sitting on a winners table, I think. And then there’s an end just like if you finish the game. I play in mobile btw, I don’t know if it’s matter.

But overall even in short play, I can say you have pretty good and interesting story there, keep it up!