Be an incompetent hero who's a moron no matter what you do

Thanks for taking my money with your wonderful title. To bad this should be called “retard’s salvage” since salvaging your reputation is the only point of the game. I love the forced failures to advance the ridiculous plot. I love how my first play through I knew Prodigal was Artillery’ daughter as soon as I read she used advanced weaponry. Yet the whole game incompetent can’t figure it out. I love how im forced to have a back stabbing side kick, because the character obviously got the moron gene from grandma. I love how you’ re forced to to be saved by said bastard kick. I love how Jury does nothing but Rebellion gives him the spot when he shows up late and does nothing. Even with an above avg hero level, even better you give us a chance at revenge only for it to be some back firing bs. And if your goody two shoes you get to play second string to Jury. So rebellion recruits absolute fools over incompetent heroes. Yet he is supposed to be a good leader? This story is probably one of the worst of ANY choose your own adventure story. Not just choice games but the entire genre. I payed for it so i’ll criticize if for how much it sucks. If this crap was free I wouldn’t complain. All be warned you’ re paying to play as a retard in a garbage setting, with garbage plot devices, garbage fake choices, to give a garbage sense of freedom, when all paths lead to the same garbage. 100% real.

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@TKOPENDERGRAAS First off, starting a new thread purely to rage is about as pointless as can be. I don’t know what your personal issues may be, but most people who have played the game (myself included) have enjoyed it. Sure, it’s far from perfect and has it’s flaws, but yelling at the entire forum accomplishes nothing. If you feel you have not gotten your moneys worth, email Apple or whoever you bought it through about getting a refund, or talk to Jason or the maker of the game.

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@TKOPENDERGRASS I don’t like the game plot too but I agree with @fantom you are going against forum rules doing a post only to yelling and insult

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No it isn’t pointless after my money is gone, I have no other option. There are FREE choose your own adventure fiction better than this garbage. Sorry you like playing a dummy who can’t figure the obvious out. This is a warning to others who will be misled into getting this bs. LMAO Robin without powers is more effective then the moron you play as. Then you get the corny “your powers are teh infinite!” at the end. It’s so ridiculously laughable “Prodigal pulls her fake beak off”. LMAO!!!

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What ever I don’ t give two shits to forum rules guarding pansies who glady take your money. But not insults for garbage that should NEVER been charged for. Get a refund for digital content? I didn’ t even use apple I used amazon. And you all aren’ t going to pay me back so don’ t lie.

@TKOPENDERGRAAS, if Zachary Sergi were a forum member – which to my knowledge he’s not – your bilious ass would be banned right now.

As it is, I’ll just point out that some readers (including me) really liked Heroes Rise, and others had a reaction closer to yours, though I think they were all able to express it in less trollish ways.

For anyone who clicks on this review and suspects that there’s a more balanced range of responses out there, have a look at these threads.

EDIT, having just seen the last two posts: “Sorry you like playing a dummy who can’t figure the obvious out” is about to bring down Jason’s banhammer on your head, son. I suggest you apologize to fantom ASAP. These rules aren’t about protecting anyone at CoG – no one’s ever had their wrist slapped for writing a bad review of a CoG game. They’re about keeping civil discourse with your fellow forum members, and if you don’t respect that, you’re out of here.

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I understand you I play it free when it was online and I don’t like it but why don’t you use this post to say what do you adding in the game what you change.
so you give autor ideas and feedback to better the secuel or this game

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@TKOPENDERGRAAS As I mentioned above, you can try asking for a refund, but they’re not likely to do so if all you do is rant. Also, you probably should have read up on the game in the forums before buying it, people there are very informative. Your rant is very reminiscent of people who rant and complain how awful games like Call of Duty and Skyrim are, when in reality they’re just not very good at it.

Make all the excuses you want Dumbledore. The story equates stupidity, lopk at the point’ s i’ ve already made. You can’ t explain NONE of the reasoning other than suckage. Necromancer is free an ten times the story this shite is.

It’s not that your complaining, it’s HOW you’re complaining. If you’d politely emailed CoG, you may have had some chance - however small - of getting a refund. Now? Nope. Not a chance.

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Seriously? @jasonstevenhill approves your account and all you can do is rage? I get it, it wasn’t the CoG but if you don’t like it try other WIPs to cheer yourself up. And it you want to play troll, fine, because I will hunt you down.

Deathsong, free and 20 times the story this shite is.

Look you fanboys can make up a hundred excuses for the ridiculous story. Really you can Ill keep pointong out what actually happened in story. Not my fanboy opinion.

@TKOPENDERGRAAS Hmmm, so if I gather correctly, you were less than satisfied with your purchase?

Rebellion the front man of justice thinks scum like Jury “would be a good fit”. LMAO!!! How can you not bash a universe as stupid as this?

O’ m trying to understand how you could ask for money for the garbage in the first place.

@fantom Don’t listen to the three year-old, you’re an awesome forum member and it you were Dumbledore, you would be the best headmaster ever to run hogwarts ever.

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