Battlefront-Hate it or Love it?


So, on November 17th, Star Wars Battlefront will be releasing, and I’ve heard a ton of positive and negative stuff about it. Many people are saying it’s not Battlefront, it’s Battlefield with a new skin and it doesn’t have the “spirit” of Battlefront. I had the chance to play the beta, and I really liked it. My favourite part is either the dogfights or hero gameplay. What do you like/dislike about the new Battlefront?


Would’ve been cool if Battlefront had a single player campaign mode.


You can’t really decide either until the game actually releases…But being a long time battlefront fan owning both of the first two games I’m sure I will at least enjoy it.


Now, I want to make perfectly clear that I am a fan of the Battlefront series. I’ve played the first two games, in fact they were some of my favorites during middle/high school. With that out of the way, my review!

It’s only been a little while but I’ve already played the hell out of the beta. It looks and plays amazingly, (if not a tad too similar to Battlefield), and there’s a reason I didn’t put it down after the first fifteen minutes like I do with most shooters.

My problems start with the complete lack of Galactic Conquest mode, a story, or space battles. The first one is more of a personal gripe because I loved that mode in the second game. Now, I know the Battlefront games have never had great stories, but they could have at least offered something for single player gamers like myself. Let’s be honest here guys, this is a multiplayer game. The lack of space battles is what I find the most intolerable. The Battlefront DS game had space battles, but you can’t make them on next-generation consoles!?

And now we get to the game’s $60 price (at least here in the US). And then EA wants to charge another $60 for a season pass!? I’d barely pay $40 for a multiplayer game! Now I’m not gonna dwell in this section for too long since EA has been doing this s*** since Battlefield 4, but if they announce space battles as dlc, I give up.

With the new generation of consoles, most companies race each other to the top, whereas EA sits at the bottom and sees how much money they can suck from our wallets. I love the Battlefront series, but just based on what I’ve seen, I may just have to skip this one.


There are a battle and hero battle mode where it’s you and AI of your faction vs AI or a friend if you invite them so that is the shooter aspect of Battlefront without the not very thought out stories.
Space battles is going to be reduced to sky battles, and there’s a mode just for it, dogfights.
Not sure about Galantic Conquest but it is probably covered by another mode. Could you give a quick description @Zane_Hiam? I read through all of the new modes in Battlefront 3(Fine,fine-Battlefront rebooted)but I did not get to play Battlefront 2, so not sure what it is.


Galactic Conquest is sort of like Risk. You build fleets and maneuver them to conquer planets and defend the planets you control from the other faction. The battles are decided via either infantry or space battles on or around the planet being fought over. I loved this mode and played it a ton online during high school.


I haven’t heard anything about a mode like that so far, and with the game releasing in two weeks there probably won’t be a Galactic Conquest.


That’s a shame. I suppose what I meant was that the space battles are no where near as grand in scale as they were in the second game, with fleets of massive star destroyers and mon calamari cruisers having an all out war.


But if you look at the sky during a match, you will see two Star Destroyers and two Mon Calamari ships, and they will reflect the battle. If the imperials are winning, a mon cal ship will start burning and if the imperials are really close to winning, a mon cal will crash and vice versa.


In BFront2 the space battles were pretty crappy in my opinion(Ps2 version atleast)…

…there is no good targeting system, Very easy to die and no good way to avoid, Flying felt sluggish and hard to maneuver, Hard to lock on and actually kill people(this goes with the first one), and lastly almost each and every space environment was the same :frowning: maybe a few ships were added/taken away but still basically the same which was waaaay boring.

If they do decide to add Galactic Conquest(which I don’t think they will) they are really going to need to fix and change space battles ALOT.


The first two games had a Campaign which were actually pretty good in my opinion. I will be sad if there is no Campaign in this game, It would be interesting if they did add one giving more back story to Star Wars 7 with the DLC they are releasing on the new planet from the film.


Star Wars is known for the enriching story in all movies, TV and even video games. Unlike the previous Battlefront the current lacks any story good or bad so it is the worst Star Wars game in history.