Balance of Superpower (WIP Superhero, Sci-Fi, Romance)

Thanks, I will submit it for release soon, once the cover art is ready. :slight_smile:

Gonna wait for it... 

The more I read, the more interesting the events become. Fascinatingly. I like. The ideas of changing reality and creating a harmonious balance of these changes are especially consonant with me. For many, this is something new, an amazing understanding of the fantasticness of the World, where truly amazing discoveries await us, if we are able to believe in miracles and create them. Thank you for such a flight of fancy. I am sure that this will lead to the creation of films, perhaps a series of films about the new “Homo Futuris Universe”, super … people.


This is my first ever acquaintance with such a genre of the book: interactive, in the form of a game. I really enjoyed every bit of it! The author is so talented, so gifted in the portrayal of futuristic world, and the plot is so gripping! The characters are all written in detail and I wish there could be more books like that from the same author, Rustem Khafizov. The language used is beautiful , the descriptions are broad enough to plunge you into feeric world of Superpowers. Brilliant work!


I love it, the game is intriguing and fascinating. Can’t wait to see the full thing when you’re done. Good job buddy and I wish you the best of luck.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


This was really good, couldn’t stop playing! A very fun demo, with interesting characters.


Really loved this game! Was so captivating :smile_cat: the level of details is very high. Also liked the way
you can shape your own little world within this game… Relationships, characters, behaviour and more. Feels so real! Now I dream to see a movie made following the script of this game :innocent::smiley: