Balance of Superpower 2: Tricentennial (released! ^_^)

Is there supposed to not be a way to transfer the data from book one to book 2?

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@Starchess Yes, I figured there wouldn’t be much point in it since the first game doesn’t feature a character creation system. :sweat_smile:

Any chance this is coming to steam? I’ve bought it anyway but would love the option.

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@Keller Thanks! :blush:

I would love that too, but it’s not up to me :sweat_smile:

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Does that mean the events in the first game aren’t relevant to the second game either, if there are no stats and variables that could carry over? What about relationships with other characters?

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@AletheiaKnights They are relevant in terms of story, but don’t require a save file, because you can choose whom you romanced and which ending from the first game you got at the beginning of the second game.

Does that make sense? :thinking:

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Yes, that makes sense. Thank you!

I haven’t had a chance to play these games yet, but they sound like a lot of fun.

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@AletheiaKnights Thank you! :blush:

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I don’t know about you but the story of Dimitri’s childhood in his family’s forest (especially his mother’s) makes me speculate things and see analogies in what I consider the most interesting character of the ROs. :family_man_woman_boy: :ru: :evergreen_tree:

The analogy is the term Mother Earth or the Gaia Hypothesis; a theory or concept related to how life arises because the planet earth already possessed the initial conditions for life to exist but as this life developed, it also caused changes on the planet, such as the increase of carbon and other gas emissions by microorganisms in the ocean, the arrival of new matter from space as well as its impact on the earth like the asteroid that extinguished the dinosaurs, major geological changes and even now with the human being and its environmental impact to sustain the human lifestyle (generally the American lifestyle).

Giving the most important conclusion of this theory: that changes in life (animal and plant) as well as chemical, geological and atmospheric changes depend on each other to change the conditions of life on the planet.

Already shared the context I see Dmitry’s parents as these interdependent concepts of habitable life and planet endowing us with living conditions to adapt and live in peace having Flourish as a mixture of someone who can endow life to others at the same time that this is a conscious life form that is able to take care of the other life forms on the planet. :man_farmer: :house_with_garden:

I liken the figure of the earth to the story of Flourish’s mother dying of an illness. My speculation as a reader is that perhaps Dmitry’s mother had cancer and died while she was having his husband and son for company during her discomfort. I figure the disease of cancer with humanity itself, because cancer are cells that by a bad genetic formation end up multiplying in an uncontrolled way and from there arise tumors that can hinder the health of the patient in his body by consuming a lot of energy of this taking away vitality to the other organs of the body until there comes a time when the body collapses and can no longer maintain its existence along with a cancerous tumor that sooner or later will fight the human body to the end. And both human body and tumor will cease to exist if that happens. :heart: :man_health_worker: :woman_scientist:

The same happens with some people, who culturally or socially environmental education is not encouraged to be in harmony with our environment, be it farm, wild animals or forests and jungles. At the same time that the world population multiplies without access to the goods that allow them a dignified life, for which it becomes necessary to overexploit the natural resources that little by little have been wearing down many ecosystems and generated chemical and atmospheric changes that put life on earth at risk. :cityscape: :earth_africa: :fire:

And in the mythological aspect, Gaia was a figure that gives rise to life as well as a mother who cares for her children to live without the need for forces other than her own to give her children life. As well as being able to give living beings and the planet the adaptability to protect itself from danger, like when Orion boasted of hunting all the animals on earth alone so the existence of a monstrous scorpion was necessary to prevent extinction. mass of a species, as well as ivory hornless elephants or a virus that becomes pandemic after invading its natural habitat. :greece: :older_woman:

With these aspects I can say that Flourish’s mother is a representation (unconscious that I saw as a reader) of Gaia as a mother who gives life and her father the human’s ability to protect and harmonize with the incomprehensible life that Gaia has endowed us with, in this case the protection of that natural reserve and the upbringing of Dimitry as a widowed father to such a unique and wonderful individual.

Ugh these are things that for a single character makes me think and it is not the only one I have had, because the truth is that Flourish intrigues me a lot as a character. :sweat_smile:

Tell me, which of all are your favorite characters?

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@Francisco_Mendez That’s a very interesting reading of the character! I certainly haven’t thought of his backstory in these terms, but it does fit him really well! :smiley:

Not sure if this question was addressed to everyone or just the readers, but out of the ROs in the game my favorite is Madison! :blush:

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