Back from "vacation"



I am back from a 2-3 month break I took from the forum. Don’t know why but I think I just needed some rest, do other stuff but now I’m back and I would like to know what I have missed. New people, new games and more.

For the people who don’t know who I am, shame on you! I am Porter / P0RT3R, the mighty void assassin, I have been an active forum member for 2 years now, is it 2? Might even be 3 but I think it was 2. Oh well, I have tried to make multiple games but I suck bla bla bla.

Thanks for reading my return.


Who is Port3r? I’ve heard of him, but never seen him.


Don’t let him fool you he has spent the time a way looking for the judge’s tree house, but fear not it is guarded by zombie babies and the tree has been placed in a state of quantum flux. Good to see you around @P0RT3R


Now I know why I took a break, there is too much to read on the forum! At least now I know what I can do today.


Hey! It felt like someone was missing, but I never did a head count


Welcome back. @PORT3R


Ah Porter my old chum, I do believe we have an imposter running around with your face. Good to see you :slight_smile:


@P0RT3R IT’S YOU!!!..

Welcome back :stuck_out_tongue: