Azmuran: Rise Of A Vampire Lord (WIP - 20k Total Wordcount)

For centuries, two mighty kingdoms in Mordvania have been locked in a bitter feud, each vying for dominance in the region. You were raised to lead your forces in a quest to crush their enemies, but a tragic event changed your fate and forever transformed you into a monster of the night. Now, the path of your destiny lies in your hands, as you must choose between seeking justice or indulging in vengeance against those who wronged you and shattered your dreams.

What to expect from Chapter One (Act One)
  • Play as a Prince or Princess(WIP).
  • Customize your hair colour.
  • Collect historical books about the history of the war, between the two kingdoms.
  • Escape the castle walls for the first time with your friend and go on a fun adventure.
  • An adventure that soon turns into a troublesome event for you.
  • Flee from the assassin and his pet, kill them yourself or watch as your father’s right hand man face off against them.
What to expect from Chapter One(Act Two - Next Update)
  • Gather a small army or heir mercenaries to fight off against an old ally.
  • Customize your body type, fighting style and pick your best arsenal.
  • Choose to go alone or with friend and sibling on a long journey to retrieve your ancestor’s ancient weapon that can potentially win the war.
  • Fight a horde or mindless corpses(zombies) and watch as you inevitably turn into a vampire.
Before You Read

Basically, the story was 50k words but I cut off certain routes because I’ve been working on this story for too long and I still haven’t let a single person read it yet. My plan was to post the entire first chapter but as I continued writing I realised that I’ve accumulated way too many words for my first try and the story is quite long. So forgive me if you see a lot of greyed out choices.

The whole reason of posting this is to know if this is something one would want to read, I’ve enjoyed writing this but I don’t want to write a long a#$ story that turns out to be total dog water that not a single person wants to read.

Oh also the story is gender-locked only for this update due to some conclusion to merge both prince and princess routes into one so the player can choose which route to follow regardless of being prince or princess, but that’s gonna take a while to code so at the moment this is I can provide.


What I’m looking for is just to know if the story is readable, if there’s any grammar mistakes and coding error and any advice to improve the story.

To play the demo, go here:


So far so good. I’ll wait till there’s more.

Good work @JonBlack keep it up.


I haven’t finished reading all, having stopped before the three choices which are still a WIP. I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far. There were some grammar mistakes here and there (I think? Not a native speaker so might’ve just been me), but otherwise I have nothing else to complain about.

I like that one of the weapons we get is a pistol. I was wondering, more or less how advanced is society in this story? Medieval-ish or a bit more modern? Just curious, you don’t have to answer of course :))

Also regarding the prince vs princess path, what differences can we expect? I usually tend to play male characters, however if playing a different gender is significantly different I like giving it a shot (as it was in ITFO, one of the few games I actually preffer to play as a female).

Anyway, thanks for sharing this story with was. It has potential, and I’ll be waiting to play whence chapter 1 gets done :))

The concept looks really cool and in my opinion we always need more vampire games so keep up the good work


@Bulk_Biceps @Chickenboy11 thank you very much

The prologue takes place in the modern era, approximately +500 years before chapter one. And at the moment, most of the story takes place in the medieval era.

And also about the prince and princess route, at first they were going to be different, where the prince stays with his father in Azmuran and the princess goes with the mother to a distant snowy land which is mostly Nordic based, and both routes provide different stories but I figured maybe a prince would want to explore that part of the story and the princess may also wish to stay with her father so I instead decided that both routes should open for both.

But now depending on which route you take, whoever chooses to go with the mother to the Nordic land, the story will identify them as the eldest of the two while the one who chooses to stay will be considered the youngest. And to whoever stays will be heir to the throne. This creates conflict between the two siblings


Oooh I really like the routes we can take and the conflict it will create, it sounds very cool. I also think it was a good choice to not block people from one on the other based on gender, as it gives the player more agency. Thanks for answering my questions.


Very promising. Will there be frequent updates?


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And are the siblings supposed to be “half identical twins” as tv tropes calls it?

Because otherwise it’s a bit odd that my character, a male, is assumed to be Princess Vivian by someone looking at him.


Sounds interesting

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My plan at the moment, for minor updates I just write down on my update log and once a month has passed I send the update until I’ve caught up with my drafts for this entire first chapter, and then from there on I’ll see if I can make more frequent updates

@stsword thanks I’ll take a look at that one.

Also no not really, must have been a coding error, the twins were identical when they were toddlers up until the age of six, but as they grew, they became more identical to one of their parents.

@Harley_Robin_Evans thank you


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