Awoken (Fantasy WIP) - updated 16/May/2017


The dreams seem well integrated, and as for the part with Vin :cry: MC was sad that he tried to escape in the middle of night so no one would see his walk of shame. My MC, the shameless flirt loner, has never been in a real relationship before because everyone looks at her as the great awoken one and not a normal person. He couldn’t even be bothered to say he was going. MC had to break up with him.

On another note, How dare those rebels shoot my dog! (PS. The dog pet selection was ambiguous about its gender, so I named my dog a male name and had to restart and give the dog a female name.) I hope me and Fluffy can have our vengeance. :imp:


Oh dear :laughing: Do you think there should be more options for the MC to express actual upset, then? At the moment the ‘let’s not do this again’ option is presented more as a ‘not interested in taking this further’ than a ‘breakup’

So the idea with the Vin relationship is that it’s one that starts fast physically speaking and the actual relationship stuff develops later (I’m trying to get some variety with the type of romances :slight_smile: )


More options is always great. While my MC is not the type to start a scene and go kicking people out of the room in front of all the other rebels who were woken up by the fight, I would probably like to at least have Aden commiserate with me even though he’d probably be like I told you so.

By the way, whatever happened to the apprentice? I understand that they wouldn’t help you and they would go back to the school if you chose a side they didn’t like, but it seems like we’d at least try to invite them to our boss battles if we’re on the same page.


Just found this, and I am loving it. Even if I am very very very scared for Malina because I like her and…considering certain similarities between this and a certain classic RPG and Silver(which is sad, because I enjoyed calling them ‘hot nonbinary Morte’)'s statements about her status currently…oh god, I am so worried.


Trust me you don’t want that. He’ll hold on to that ‘I told you so’ for ALL TIME. Plus if he has a crush on you telling him you slept with Vin would be a bad idea.

At the moment the apprentice is back at the school while you’re doing whatever. I mean, Aden would refuse to help you steal the wagon, and Malina wouldn’t help you help Serel, so there’d only be a few scenarios where they’d even be there, making the coding harder, and I couldn’t really think of how they’d be useful anyway.

I approve of this nickname.

There’s various theories about the current status of Aden/Malina on this thread :slight_smile:


He suffered from severe burn-out in my game :smiley:


I just finished and this WIP was very good. No problems seen so far and the characters all seem interesting. Eager to read more!


Personally. I find it very easy to believe that Aden/Malina is the Protector


The identity of the Protector isn’t one of the story’s hardest to guess mysteries :wink: Now, how they got there and what they’re doing, on the other hand…


sigh Thought so…


You’re the type who laughs with evil glee whenever they get to put a great big “to be continued…” sign anywhere right after the clifhanger aren’t you? :smiley:


The protector’s scouts change nature depending on which apprentice you choose, I understand.

So at the very least they apparently made the scouts, so if they aren’t the protector they’re providing the magical muscle.


Maybe just a bit… :innocent:


Just played it through, and I like it! I like it a lot!

Hmm… If the apprentice - I picked Malina - is the Protector, and is presumably behind the Awoken One’s amnesia… that’s sad since I got the vibe Malina had a crush on my MC what with her acting all tsundere. What could have provoked such a betrayal?


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