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I’ve wondered whether to make Arrogance a paired stat (Humble/Arrogant) but right now while high Arrogance can have both positive and negative effects, there’s no specific benefit to having low arrogance (other than not getting the negative effects).


It’s my understanding that an opposed pair stat is mechanically identical to a unipolar stat, and that *if humble >60 is exactly the same as *if arrogant <40 in games where humble and arrogant are an opposed pair.

Assuming I haven’t misunderstood something, wouldn’t that mean opposed pairs exist mostly for the player’s immersion in the game world, partly for code that’s easier for people to read, and not at all for their mechanical effects?

I suspect if you add it to the stats screen, nobody will ever notice if it’s checked in code or not.

That said, if you create a humble stat, you might find yourself creating situations where it could be used. What’s that old saying, when all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail? Giving yourself a new “tool” to work your code with may reveal some “nails” were actually screws all along. To stretch the metaphor to the breaking point. Sorry.

Abandoning the metaphor, situations that previously looked like “Is the Awoken arrogant enough to do X?” may instead look like “What would a humble Awoken do here? What would an arrogant Awoken do instead?”

Or maybe nothing will change. That’s fine too. What’s already happening is really good.

Seeing 80% Humble, 20% Arrogant on the stats page may feel a bit more rewarding than seeing 20% Arrogant for players who go that route on purpose, and that alone may be enough to justify adding it. Beyond that? You’re doing perfectly fine already.


Dont understand a thing that is going on but im still hugely gripped by all this!


Okay, I’ll admit I was expecting something along the lines of To the City of the Clouds, but I’m glad to say this is a million times better than that. :slight_smile: I am so hooked by this. I already want to play the whole thing~


@Minnow: Thanks, and you make a good point :slight_smile:

@undead: Thanks - at least I hope it’s not understanding as in not knowing the whole plot yet rather than the plot being confusing/hard to follow? :worried:

@DancingInTheRain279: I think I need a less vague blurb :smiley:


(Yeah I now I’m late to the party) Hm, by now the personality change is handled more as the MC seeing themself retrospective and changing because of the position as onlooker on their own story they have through the well, so maybe their change could be seen more as character development? I mean MC certainly isn’t the same they were as a child anymore and still they were able to remember (Or did they just remember how their earlier self remembered that or something…You know in the sense of “You can remember everything you want no matter how or if it really happened”)
Expect MC also radically changes how they connect to the people they used to like/love etc…Or they really decide to change for the complete opposite…
On the other hand we don’t know yet how MC will develop during the rest of the flashback…Maybe they anyway would grow closer to who MC ended up to be?
I honestly felt it was more important for MC to know the way to a certain memory to access it, to comprehend how they ended up that way, because otherwise a MC that completely agrees with their former self not being able to access the memory in the beginning makes…not much sense?

So about the update:
Hm…the cover lets me honestly thing more at a sci-fi story…(I’m pretty sure a similar design is used by various sci-fi books/games…)

You may want to fine tune some parts of the text then too. I assume you only want to give the option to play asexual and not demisexual, so Aden’s reaction to MC telling him he is handsome is not so much a problem (and anyway based on Aden’s assumption about MC). But that the game seems to think that ace even when I choose the option to indicate that my MC is bi-/panromantic means zero interest in men at least it gets handled like that when talking to Aden about the topic and the MC themself saying it is very irritating and makes no sense when MC anyway answers with “Well…” in that case. (And annoying since I imagine my MC to be crushing on Aden after all that time working together…Seriously Aden, asshole MC is only nice to you and a jerk to everyone else, get the hint.)
Also the “I wasn’t interested in anyone” option could also be truthful for someone that is allosexual, between feeling attraction and being seriously interested is a difference after all…just mentioning it.

Also some contuinity errors:

“Cren said you were a demon.”

He didn’t at least not in that playthrough, I did choose a different dialoug option.

“The password to the door is ‘please’?”

…Should we really get that option even when MC got that door open without screaming…?


That’s a coding error - at the moment there’s 4 variables for attraction and it’s all a bit of a mess. I’ll tidy it up with the other bug fixes.

edit: Wait, which bit are you talking about with the “Well…” option? :confused:


In the neutral path when talking with Aden.

You gave the option to answer him asking:

“Technically it is still prohibited. But, well, difficult to stop, if the participants are determined enough. I mean, when you were a student, did you…?”

with No (lie), No (Truth), “I wasn’t interested in anyone back then.” for ace characters and the option to say: “Well…” what leads to Aden asking “So, uh, did you and Harret ever…?” and MC answering: “Of course not! Even if I did like men he wouldn’t be my first pick.”
…MC in this case was bi-/panromantic. So…technically nothing speaks against them liking men as romantic partners…


Ah, gotcha! Yeah I know what the problem is there. And yes Aden’s just wondering if you and Harret had a bad breakup :smile:


Yeah, I was helpful! :tada:


Though if anyone’s wondering, loner MC will say no about Harret regardless of their preferences. Harret just doesn’t like you.


Oh, I have no problem with MC saying that they don’t like Harret, it just really has nothing to do with his gender. Only his personality.


And the memory stuff… well obviously the real reason behind it is to give an excuse why Silver can’t just throw you into the middle of the story. I guess the in-universe reason why starting as a child works is that starting earlier means less information trying to be dumped into MC’s head so easier for the mind to adjust? But the Well is kind of a defective copy anyway which is why you can 9nly view your own memories.


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So, spoilery question about certain scenes in the rebel path:

[spoiler]For the one-night-stand:

  • Does the dream scene seem like it came out of nowhere? It is significant (and the fact that the MC is having nightmares will come up later for all paths, this was just when the MC was conveniently asleep)

  • Does Vin leaving seem, idk, mean? It’s just supposed to be a case of them having stuff to do and assuming the MC won’t mind, but not sure if it makes them look bad.