Awoken (Fantasy WIP) - updated 16/May/2017


I have a feeling he won't like my MC all too much what with his humble origins as a farmer. :laughing:


There's not going to be much difference from his perspective regardless of the MC's background I think. Perhaps from the MC's pov the backgrounds might influence more how they feel.


Malina could have regretted killing Aden (accidentally with her uncontrolled magic or by command of the MC). So, Silver/ Aden Jr. Was made with Aden's machines in the ritual Malina read about, but instead of Aden comming back to life, Silver was born. Silver looks at MC as a good looking grandparent figure, but feels like MC is responsible for Aden 1s death and that is why our relationship with Silver starts off low.

Or maybe, MC and apprentice just named Silver something ridiculous like Fluffy and that's why Silver is mad and won't give a name.


I'm crying :joy:

Forgot to answer this. It might. I'm still not quite sure how I'm going to work it in, but it will probably affect your ability to access the hidden memory.


The story for this is gorgeous. I loved the depth and character interaction, and I always think it's great when the game gives you an opportunity to name your motives as well as your action.


Took a trip to the V&A for some aesthetic research; here's a few favourites:

but what does this have to do with anything, you cry, and where's this update you've been promising for months? Well it's sort of relevant to court fashions for the next chapter, and update-wise I'm down to finishing off a few scenes, so it's close :slight_smile: (plus i like historical fashions, shhh)


I suppose our characters can't just wear sleeveless shirts all the time?


You live in the mountains! :astonished::snowflake::cloud_rain:


If you have awesome arms why not show them off frostbite be damned :joy::joy::joy:


Having said that there is one clothing option for the ball that will be sleeveless... :thinking: It's a bit of a provocative option though.


Ahhh dancing with Malina at a ball :relieved: :heart:


I'm curious to see if Silver is in the upcoming ball scene since they were there in the first memory we saw in the Well. I want to see what kind of relantionship the MC and Silver really had in the past.


Important note: I had some problems on my browser with some bugs popping up due to it using cached files rather than the new ones I loaded to Dashingdon - if you get those it might be better to play in incognito mode or clear your browser cache.

Finally the time of update is upon us. This next chunk of chapter 6 finds you going further along your chosen path. There's fights. There might be romance. There may even be new friends.

The demo is now at 80,000 words - according to Randomtest the average playthrough is around 21k, but I think it would probably be closer to 30k if you go through all dialogue options.

The conversations in the new part are a bit rough right now (especially in the neutral path) - they will be fleshed out in time. Note you can't talk to Serel in the Baron-supporting path yet, this is because I'm adding in more conversation options with him in chapter 5 and need to make sure the two dovetail.

I've added in a few bits and pieces in earlier chapters too, mostly some lore and foreshadowing stuff

I've changed the attraction options so it's more clear that you can choose to be asexual but still interested in relationships. I think people might tend to assume that the ace option is the 'lock out all romance' option.


Ok but has anyone got the "Young and Reckless" achievement, that's what I really want to know.

Or "Memento Mori", though I don't think many people will ever find that one.

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I got the "Young and Reckless" achievement :smirk:, but I'm still trying to find the "Memento Mori" one :disappointed_relieved:
Just a few typos:
There are others, hidden as best as they can in the trees and undergrowth.
If you're going to apologize, you should make sure she wants to hear it. In the meantime, keep your head down and stay out of trouble.
And I was able to get -4% arrogance (don't know if that's supposed to happen)

There's someting bothering me a little at the part where Mara asks for help. The "do what you want" option makes me feel like we just don't care. I would like to ask Silver to help Mara while also respecting their choice in the matter. So I think something like "could you help her?" or "what would you like to do?" would fit my MC better.

Aaand, a prince? :heart_eyes: Can we become a queen or a royal consort?


Hello! Just wanted to say I came across this today and I've really enjoyed playing this. It's very well written and I appreciate that the choices offered were really good-- I never felt limited at any point of time.

I got Momento Mori! unrelated but honestly the little scene about his uncle's letter is making me warm up to him. oh no


@Lyanna: Negative arrogance is definitely a bug. I'll check it out. I'll maybe reword the Silver/Mara choice too.
As for Kayeuris... s/he's definitely a love interest, but there may be obstacles in your way.

Memento Mori is only available for noble-background MC's who chose to help the baron. It deals with some history concerning your Awoken ancestor and may provide a clue about your discovery of the stone...

@Mu_ : Thanks! And yesssss, excellent :imp:


Shouldn't that be Humility? :wink:


I laughed more than should at this :joy:

Oh no, what evil plans do you have in mind?