Awoken (Fantasy WIP) - updated 16/May/2017


How about the romantic moonlit walk with Malina scene? :wink:


I can’t take credit for the CSS design! It’s one of the custom preset options on Dashingdon.


That’s next chapter :wink:


Can’t wait! :heart_eyes:

Silver: "Time to get back to the well"
Me: "This is all well and good, but what happened with Mal, did she love me back? Did we get married"
Silver: "There are far more important matters at hand…"
Me: "Your right, I want to see our first date!"
Silver: "You need to focus on…"
Me "Oh and our first kiss :heart_eyes:"
Silver [facepalm]: "Why are you always so difficult…


Well, good choice, then.
Caught: error 69, something about memory question, I, unfortunately, closed the message. Occurred after attempting to tell stranger that you don’t believe their explanation about memory well not working properly. That part after death and taxes, met with rebels, if that matters.
Will be adding them as I go.


Nice catch. Should be fixed now.


Silver’s not getting paid enough (or anything) for this.


Have you updated the link in the OP? It wasn’t.
death and taxes line 69: Invalid set instruction, no expression specified: question_memory. If that helps you more.


Very interesting game, hopefully we’ll get to see more of where you intending to go with it.


A very fun game to play and interesting characters. You also inspired me to grab the new Skyrim remastered just for a mage play through. I get a college of Winterhold vibe from the school :smile:


This is a great game. It reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist with sourcestones/ philosopher’s stones.

I think that Silver is a homunculus created by my apprentice and I. I was probably helping Aden with his automatons and binding them to the sourcestones when we accidentally created Silver who won’t tell us his real name because it’s Aden Jr. So, Silver is the prototype for the Scouts and the reason Silver is smart and can turn into animals is because we combined him with the essence of our dead pet while trying to also bring the pet back to life. This is why silver doesn’t believe the pet is actually out when we ask him about it.

I think it would be funny if you could work the Baron into being a romance option.


Hmmm… but what would be your explanation for Malina as apprentice? :wink:

I am so tempted you guys don’t even know.


Can we kill the Baron to become the new ruler?


Thinking kind of small, aren’t you? Might just be an option to kill/usurp someone a bit higher up… :innocent:


I have to start somewhere, if I become the new Baron I will have acess to the king, then I can start plotting a coup.


Hmm, you’d need to be close to the King already for him to give you Kalisthan, though. Plus Serel’s (the Baron’s) family aren’t good enemies to make.


I think having an Awoken as enemy is worse. Specially if the Awoken is accompanied by a smol powerful ball of disdain and angry with pyromania tendecies :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I shall kill them all and usurp the power.


That’s the spirit! :laughing:


I’m all for “the Baron as a RO” idea :smile:
I was thinking about the whole “changing personality after the memory loss” and wouldn’t it make it more difficult for us to recover our memory? Because, if I remember correctly, the Well didn’t work out the first time because we weren’t feeling like ourselves.


Yessss… :smiley: to be fair he will become less obnoxious (to the MC at least) if you’re on good terms. Plus, ridiculously rich.