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Is there anything in the city akin to a sparring ring or some such? Y'know, with fighters testing their mettle and all that good stuff? My MC would definitely take Aden there! Do keep in mind I'm that guy who's been advocating to have the option to teach my MC's apprentice practical fighting skills along with his magical training. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I would like to have the moment on the wall with Malina where we almost kissed back! :heart_eyes: I thought maybe I wasn't getting that again because I picked something wrong, but now I'm convinced that that memories was stolen away from me! :sob: It was a really sweet scene seeing her lower her walls, even for a moment and she's clearly interested in me, it would be nice to spend more time with her, like ask her out on a formal date. :heart:


That scene should still fire! Did you pick the ‘lucky to have you’ option at the beginning of the memory?

Hmmm. :thinking: And maybe there could be a prize tournament that the MC could enter to win if they have high fighting skill?


That could definitely work! What would the prize be? Could I gift it to Aden and make him swoon a li'l? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Probably money. Not sure if that would be swoonworthy or a bit awkward.


:scream:! You must let me buy him a gift with said money then! There has to be a market nearby.

Edit: What if we send him on an errand, run off to buy a gift, and only 1/5 choices is actually a gift he would appreciate? Make it a challenge! :kissing_closed_eyes:


To go along with the tournament, maybe a library for knowledge MCs, and a visit to some kind of zoo or bestiary for an animal MC? And then maybe options specifically for bonding/spending time with the apprentice? Not sure what for a magic MC though ...


Or MC could cheat with magic to win...


Always, since it conveys multiple meanings and she’s adorable when I say it :heart:


I'm sucker for fantasy geez! Popping in to say that Im thoroughly enjoying this, the pacing is just right and the anticipation for the reunion is agonizing ~ Cant wait to see more! Malina is just too darn adorable, although im slightly afraid of what shes like now~ ;-;


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@Dimitri_Malik I think you are in the wrong thread...


@Sammysam Wrong thread.


Thanks! :smile: Intrigued is good


Hey you still working on this??


Yup, still working on it! Just ... kind of slowly, not made better by a busy period at work, or me deciding that I need to rewrite a big chunk of one branch because it wasn't working.

Have a Malina.


You can't distract us with pretty pictures off ... ooo it's Malina :heart_eyes:


Hahaha nice for you to say cause i chose her


Status report: still to write is one long conversation in the neutral path, one conversation and wrap-up scene in the baron path, and the (rewritten because it wasn't working) fight scene and a few linking scenes on the rebel path.

Getting there... :sweat:


Delightful design. Pleasing and smooth to read. Letters just the right size. I would prefer next button to be centered, though.
Few things:
“Ah, that mountain air. So bracing!”
"Is that a wyvern?"
Hard to see here, but types of quotes are different: first one is more round, second one is standard. It jumps from one type to another through the text.