Awoken (Fantasy WIP) - updated 16/May/2017


Interesting... so you trust them because they're helping you, but you're not curious about their motives for helping?

I know some of you said you're only trusting out of necessity, but at the moment there isn't really the ability to reflect that ambiguity - high trust score, and the game assumes you're not suspicious of them at all.


Wow, over 80% trust Silver? Everyone's so nice and trusting on this thread. Now I know what @poison_mara must feel like all the time.


Nice to know that there are some trustworthy people here...
turns to evil take over plan 0.1
(Jokes dude and girls)


Where did you get my plans from?

Will trust eventually, for now I trust only twice as far as I can throw silver.


As a cat or a man? Remember he can shapeshift so you could throw him really far as a mouse....
(Oh yeah, found a loophole :grin: :smiling_imp:)


As a chained up humanoid
Or as a mouse In a lead hamster wheel with 1 air hole
If he gets impish with me cork the air hole and push him off the boat
Just becuase I trust a little doesn't mean my other hand doesn't have a knife..:smiling_imp::innocent:


They can’t shift into something as small as a mouse :stuck_out_tongue:


what is the smallest silver can change into i think i remember a large crow wich is what 4-5 times a mouse at most
can he change into smaller than a crow?
carren crow is 18-21 inches.


The smallest is the raven form. So about 21-26 inches (they look pretty big when you see one up close).


Does Silver have any forms other than birds? Pretty sure that's all we've seen so far.


Forms you might have seen: raven, owl, cat.
Otherwise the ones I know are wolf and human (as in mimicking specific people)


So, I just played through Awoken again and I liked it. There's a very charming WiP brewing in here. I kept liking the stranger, and the banter was nice, because it counters the stranger's stoicism with the MC's more fiery disposition.

I do think that, later on, it might be better to put a more developed writing. It might end up a little long-winded, but maybe it'll help establish characters better. Instead of "You entered the room", it could be "You carefully stepped inside, unsure of what to expect". It might be bad all the time, but at least I think you could take more character out of the setting.


I guess I just didn't get the feeling they should not be trusted. I know Silver probably have motives to help us out and it´s clear they´re not happy to do it, but we can trust them, right? :sweat:
I mean the MC is really powerful, but they need their memory to get their power back and turning against them after that happens could be a little unhealthy, so there´s no reason Silver would do that.
And now you got me wondering about Silver's motives... :thinking:


@Vertigo: Thanks! I do intend to go through at some point and shine up the more placeholder-ish prose, but that's after getting it finished.

@Lynanna: I feel like I've roused suspicions :smiley: it's fiiiiine. There's way more untrustworthy characters.


Like our apprentice, who may or may not willingly works for the Protector/is the Protector? Or Vin? They are in a position that could allow them to double cross the MC after all...Maybe when it helps their own agenda... I certainly don't trust the Baron.


Hey, just because the Baron's a jerk doesn't necessarily make him untrustworthy.


Whelp, my character is a fairly trusting person and she picked Malina because she didn't want to see all her power used for pragmatist motives.


But it makes him unsympathic. What means he anyway better shouldn't trust my MC.

No drama would be complete without treason...


Hi, just wanted to say I've loved the demo so far. The premise is awesome. Only complaint is longer interactions with my apprentice and perhaps a slower build up for regaining the memories.


Hey this reminds me. The upcoming ball - before that there'll be a period of free time where you can choose to spend time with various characters. I have plans for some of it, but not anything concrete for the apprentice yet. So if there's anything anyone would especially like to see, shout out. This would be while MC and co are in the capital city, so lots more to do than the usual locales.