Awoken (Fantasy WIP) - updated 16/May/2017


I have a theory already, but:
Who do you decide to side with at the end of chapter five?

  • The rebels
  • The baron
  • Neither, stay neutral

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I feel like there’s gonna be a lot of bias towards the rebels. :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking from my own experience, nothing ever really… tempted me to side with the baron? Our first interaction with him is through his messenger demanding we pay more taxes and that’s definitely not the best first impression to be had. I haven’t gotten enough incentive to actually pick his side unless I wanted to see what content I was missing out on, you know?


neutral seems the best - there are still missing pieces to the picture and I’d hate to side with the wrong side because I was too fast in making the decision.


Results as I expected… :smiley: which may be interesting as the storyline develops.
I wouldn’t say there is a wrong side, exactly - or at least, they could all be the wrong side if you play it wrong.


12% of you will be pleased to know that the defending the tax wagon branch is going quite well. :smile:


I love this wip so much, I’m glad to see it is progressing well.


@moonwalkerdragon: Thank you! Might be a bit slow but I’m getting there :smiley:


The wait for Cren will be worth it. I’ll persevere. :persevere:


Ya know what they say: slow and steady wins the race.


While I remember, I’ve updated with some bug fixes (and the return of the chapter skip). I found a bug where the personality wasn’t tracking properly, so now you should see more of the non-stoic auto-dialogue.


Well I always role played it as my character is an upstart douche grabbing power, magikal and otherwise, wherever and whenever he can. Even though I side with the baron, when I get that tax letter I pretty much go with the option that says, try and make me pay lol. When Malia and I take a trip to see him, she even says I’m more in charge around here than him lol. At the moment, foreign conspiracy or no, my character doesn’t have a reason to care about who is king, gaining the kings ear and perhaps taking power for himself down the line is what’s important to him, so siding with the rebels is absolutely out of the question, even if he did care about the struggles of the peasants, which he really doesn’t lol.


Let’s be honest here, ho decided to hit on ‘Silver’? I know I didn’t because I’m a wussy Dragon.


Well, despite knowing that Silver is no RO I just had to try flirting with them. Just to kill my last hopes see the reaction, and I didn’t get disappointed. Silver 's reaction is great :grinning: In a funny way.


As dam, I hoped he was an RO…My world is ruined :cry: :sob:.


Found the place where my world was destroyed…[quote=“Scribblesome, post:11, topic:13635”]
Thanks! :blush: And there will be romances! Three of them (actually four, but two of those characters are mutually exclusive)And before anyone asks, Stranger is not one of them, for spoiler reasons.

Why…why…I wish it never to of happened oh such cruel fate :cry:.


Ehm, not really one of my talents, but do you need a virtual hug?

And not sure if it helps, but you certainly aren’t the only one that wanted to romance Silver :cry: (but I’m also pretty sure that the reason we can’t do that is that the MC created Silver with magic, what makes them something like our child and having them be a RO in that case is pretty icky )


receives virtual hug
I wonder who are the ROs?

apprentices, Cren, Mara (hope that’s her name) but seriously, hope we can Romance someone like Silver, otherwise I’ll need more than a virtual hug :expressionless: :cry:


I don’t think the ROs are spoilers. :wink: But you got most of them. I think the only one you missed on your list was Vin.


Really? Huh, that’s a ice shock to me then…


@Lazerith: excellent, I was hoping someone was doing the power-hungry path.

@moonwalkerdragon, the RO’s so far are Malina, Aden, Cren, Mara, Vin and someone else we haven’t met yet.