Awaken - Demo (WIP)

@Tloc and @Cool165, regarding management of domains.

I’m not certain if I’ll be doing that. I know for a fact I want to include different methods of conquest and accruing power–ranging from philosophical contributions, subjugation of the mortal world, and godly chicanery–but Genghis Khan put it best:

Conquering the world on horseback is easy; it is dismounting and governing that is hard.

That’s the reason the Mongols were never able to sustain their empire, even after a multitude of reforms “Westernizing” their government and centralizing administrative and military power, they just couldn’t keep up with the thousands of factors that the coalescing of such a variety of different cultures and kingdoms entailed.

If I do continue working on the game, I imagine I’ll take the Persian approach where you’ll be a “King of Kings”, perhaps running an occupation government, settling disputes between nobles, keeping your clients unified under your leadership, but leaving the difficult monotony of the thing up to vassals. Though, feel free to dispute that!

Thanks for expressing interest! You can absolutely be “kind and just”, that serves a double-effect of giving everyone reason to worship you and making it difficult for others to kill you without causing an uproar.

On romance, I don’t know if I’m qualified to add that, haha. I’m in middle school and haven’t had a lot of that type of experience, so I can’t imagine anything I’d write would be more than cheesy and overly-dramatic, but I’ll consider it.

@pikachu_boy, @Harley_Robin_Evans, @Blank, @Cool165, @Mei_Hiroshi and @ItachiUchiha, so glad you enjoyed it, I’m going into school soon so I got some work surrounding that, however, I’ll see about updating it for you guys!

Oh and as a side note, I’m having difficulty editing my post, so until I get that worked out I’ll have to put update links in the comments. You’ll have to suffer for my incompetency, sorry!


You could ask help from moderators in editing your post.

Okay. Also, when you are trying to control the mortals, will there be summoning the dead to fight for you?

“I suppose not.” throws an error for Hixgan.

@Tloc It has since been worked out, the link on the post should be the newest, thanks for the concern, though.

@Cool165 I don’t wanna give away too much, haha, but I appreciate the interest!

@Trazen4 Thanks for pointing that out (I’m so surprised by all the simple bugs I missed, lol)! Should be fixed:


Hey, just wanted to let you know that the mods have edited your OP to include the functional link which you provided in the thread.

You can access the demo from the OP now.

No pressure about the romance, I was just wondering if it was a possibility. The main thing is that you are able to express your work the way you want it to be viewed, so any changes and additions are up to your own discretion and comfort level.


How ya holding up?

@pikachu_boy Thanks so much for asking! I got accepted into a pretty intense boarding school that I wasn’t expecting to get into, so I’m transitioning in while remaining in quarantine; we’re working on maybe moving me up a few grades in some classes and I’ve been working really hard with school in general.

As goes the project, I’ve probably tripled or quadrupled it’s original size, but haven’t been doing as much work as I should be; I’ve just been so busy. I’ve rewritten a bunch of what was already there, added some tidbits here and there, reworked the stats tree and altered the approach for it, added some fights, ways to get to the realm of the dead, and I’m just working on getting something tangible with the limited time I have out to you guys—sorry for the wait!


You damn kidding im proud of you take your time and work hard.


Good luck with your boarding school :+1: and don’t worry about us too much. Education is more important :slightly_smiling_face:


I was thinking about this question for the longest do we get to make our own pantheon?

@pikachu_boy That’s a very good question! Of course, there already is a pantheon out to kill the protagonist and they were—according to standard knowledge—born immortal. The protagonist, on the other hand, became immortal via a strange ritual; sadly, the only person who knows how to perform the ritual, Desiric, transferred his everything into the protagonist and is no longer an independent being.

Nobody, then, knows how Desiric did what he did.

Unless that’s not true. And, within such a hypothetical, the player character could assemble his own “pretender pantheon”, of sorts; like real world antipopes. Which would, obviously, require the player character somehow figuring out how to create immortals.

Other than that, the protagonist can most definitely cajole members of the pantheon to their cause.


Last question from me for now will the greek and
roman pantheons be here as well?

@pikachu_boy Nope, Zeus and Jupiter don’t really have a place in this fictional world beyond parallels that can be drawn between them and the in-game gods, which goes for several real-world polytheistic religions.

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Hmmmmm worship or conquest that depends if we have the choice of becoming a good or evil god.

This has a lot of promise, the prospect of conquering two realms sounds fun. Good luck!


Angels and demons come under immortals right?

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