Availability of PC versions: where else to find?


I didn’t want to bother anyone, but it looks like I need some help. Please?
Maybe I’m not posting this where I should, but it is a bit frustrating that I’ve not been able to find some of the games for PC. I don’t have any Android or iPhone devices, so I’m aiming for PC, and links from the site only lead to Chrome Web Store (which I can’t actually use), where some of the games I desperately want to play are unavailable (Like Choice of the Deathless, my main concern right now). The same goes for Windows Shop: there is “Heroes Rise: The Hero Project”, and no “Prodigy”, which is only in demo in the main site.
Sorry for the sloppy post, English is not my 1st language (and I have no idea how to deal with online purchases).


Why can’t you use Chrome Web Store?


Credit card issues. I’ll sort it out soon enough, but it still won’t help me get “Choice of the Deathless”. So for now, I’m stuck with WS.


I think you can buy it through stripe on their website if you use the ‘buy it now’ button on the demo version: https://www.choiceofgames.com/deathless/


CJW, didn’t know I could do it. How does it work? Will it recognize me every time when I log in and let me play it in full? (right, I’m that web-illiterate, sorry)


Yeah, it’ll prompt you to make/log in with a COG account - it’s tied to that, so you can play it in full on their website as long as you’re logged in :slight_smile:


CJW, thank you very much for helping the clueless here. Looks like I won’t be so frustrated any more >:D<