Author quirks and Easter eggs


Unintentional writing quirks, things that seem to sneak into your writing and thing you hide for the simple fun of it. I was curious to know if im the only one who’s noticed these.

In my writing without fail there is always a mischief maker. A dedicated character that just develops a habit of taking over scenes despite my planning otherwise. This happens in my WIP rps and short stories and it’s just so prevalent I’m tempted to take the current troublemaker and weave them into different stories creating my own little Easter egg. Fun idea.

Before I ramble more I’d love to hear about the rest of You :slight_smile:


I always enjoy good easter egg and some 4th wall breaking


I like easter eggs if they are done right. Also secrets. Cheeky secrets are fun. For example, in the first chapter of your book the whole ending is kind of spoiled/explained in some way, but you have no way of knowing it until you’ve gone through the whole story. Then at the end, you just think back at that very moment like - “oh…”.


I have found that i am extremely fond (hah!) of brick jokes, and narrator snark…


Minimalist prose, fairly heavy use of metaphor. Sometimes I overuse certain gestures. And my characters, for one reason or another, are unhappy.

It says something that one of my characters, Daniel, is stuck in a job he hates and is a disappointment to his family, and the reason he’s happy is because he just accepts that it probably will never change. And he’s one of the most cheerful characters I’ve written.


I tend to have several jokes and humorous things in my stories, even when I really wasn’t intending for there to be. I’m just too much of a jokester myself to resist throwing in some quips in my writing.


The post-Republic-Roman-inspired WIP I’m writing has a hidden achievement if you decide to name your character Augustus Julius Caesar called “historical non-fiction?”

There’s another one if you name your MC Clarke Kent called “Roman Injustice”

I guess they’re not that hidden now that I have them here…oh well you win some you lose some