August's Writer Support Thread

Well, I finally finished my military service this month. I was worried that without the healthy schedule for writing (ironically) provided by the military I would fall behind on my WIP.
Fortunately, I have been able to write for longer stretches of time than I was previously able allowing me bring my project to the beta phase!

Still plenty of fine tuning to do but I am getting close to publishing!


Welcome to the fun. :slight_smile: Yes, I’m trying not to think about September (kids go back on the 8th.) I’m sure it’ll be fine, just very different. But you’re right, I think it’s going to be very busy.

I really REALLY want to finish the rough draft before then. It’s entirely doable, especially since my wife is giving me lots of writing time.

That’s fun! I used to GM on RPOL before I started making games in CS. Some of my favourite authors started by making worlds for their friends. :slight_smile:

By posting here, I think you just did. :wink: Welcome!

Okay, day 2. I shouldn’t be here though, I’m supposed to be writing!


I haven’t written anything in years (that I didn’t delete the next day, at least), so I’ve been really excited about and am having a lot of fun with working on my first IF game. Still not sure if it will get completed or published, but it’s at least been a fun project that’s let me work my creative muscles and kind of practice life by proxy.

I am starting to reach that point where I’m realizing that the story so far has been really linear and I’m going to need to get to the meat soon and/or go back and add some more meaningful choices to what I already have, which will be interesting. I’m also starting to hit that crisis of “how do i morals how do i representation ??/?” So, uh, we’ll see how that goes. :sweat_smile:


I made really good progress on Turncoat Chronicle during July, which validates my decision to spend most of the month focusing on it, instead of switching back and forth between two projects. The late scenes in an advanced projects are more difficult to script, and it’s tempting to make “more” progress (in word count terms) on a newer project, where the early scenes just flow. But I stuck to my guns and the progress on the last chapter is looking much better. I finished July ahead of my word count goal.

Now I’m paying for my hubris, because I didn’t sleep a wink last night and today is a total wash.


July was a fantastic month for my CS WiP. And I like that, want to keep working on, even though I am going to have to get through a couple of scenes with a staggering number of variations. Hopefully I can get through it, and as a treat write one scene I have planned which I’m really excited by, and will not be so frickin complicated.

I keep on feeling like I should go back to my novel. Like, it’s done, and I’m working through the second draft. But for July for whatever reason I just froze completely on it, and really need to go back to it again.


You know, I’ve actually never thought about rewarding myself with something I would be excited to write after chewing through X amount of scene variations… What a good idea, and something I will be doing for my next WIP!


Day 1

Story : 0/15000
Backend Stuff : 1.2k/???

Last day was pretty good, considering the fact that I haven’t written anything since March. Did some worldbuilding and character fleshing (is that even a term? fleshing? Idk :man_shrugging:). Also jogged my memory on CS and prepped CSIDE for writing.

I’m going to keep on with the worldbuilding today, since that’s fun. No seriously, it’s fun. Try it.


Word count: 3,618 of 20,000

I think I’ll post every Monday, since I get most writing done on the weekend. Not a horrible first weekend, and we do get five weekends this month!

I think virtually all of my writing will be for CCH 2.5 this month, although it will be split between my D&D homage and my Scooby Doo homage.


You guys are lucky, we only get four in this part of the world :sob:

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1,3 k words today so I am going in good rhythm to end the game . However, I don’t know if I will have enough time to edit it properly.


It’s my first time commenting on this thread, so, hello everyone! I hope you’re able to accomplish your writing goals for the month :blush:

Today I wrote 2200 words (along with some editing and code, which I didn’t count), and my initial goal for the month is 15k. But I kind of got stuck at the end of the day because of one of the branches I’m writing. For tomorrow, I think I’ll probably focus on the other branch first (which is the one I was using as a map to adjust the other one), so It’ll be easier for me to see where I’m going.


Right now, it’s a great month when I get 5000 words written. On Rebels, that is. My actual writing time at the moment all goes into:

  • Managing a $10-12m per year charity by email
  • Global fundraising to keep our charity hospitals open despite the COVID related crash in patient revenue
  • New legal/governance documents for a trust we’re creating to help us renew our hospital agreement with an uncooperative government ministry
  • Framework documents for reopening our field offices (health and safety, future evac plans, contingency scenarios, etc.)
  • Revised negotiating/legal strategy around our headquarters property, which both the government and a billionaire are trying to expropriate from us
  • New job descriptions and revised team structures as key people leave their jobs
  • Communications around a sexual harassment allegation involving one of our partner NGOs
  • Recruitment documents for my successor (two years from now, but that’s how long it’s taken to fill the job the last couple times)

On all of that I’m hitting 2-3 million words a month, easy, but actually counting would only depress me. :frowning:

But let’s see if I can add 10k to Rebels in August.


I’m still new here(and to forums in general) so ello everyone!

if I understand correctly, this thread is where you post your writing progress. In that case, here is mine. :grimacing:

July was completely uneventful. I only wrote under 1k words.
Yet for some reason, August wasn’t/isn’t so uneventful. I managed to write 6k words which are near my new minimum quota of 10k words. Since my college semester is going to start soon, I’m hoping I can be able to make decent progress in spite of that. :expressionless:


Day 2

Story : 0/15000
Backend Stuff : 2.9k/??? (+1.7k)

Worldbuilding’s almost done. I think it helped that I already had a world built out before (like, a year ago) and I just needed to expand upon that. So yeah, day went well, in terms of writing.

I hope to finish worldbuilding soon and get on with building out the characters.


Starting a new project this month and collaborating with someone else for the first time, so far we’re just in the fun brainstorming phase but it’s going to be a long journey…


I feel like trash and I am tempted to just erase and burning this game and fail to present a game for the contest. I am so pathetic.

You have a game. Sounds like a victory to me.

Seriously, Mara, you came this far because you kept working on your skills. This is just the next step, no matter how it turns out in the end.

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Yesterday I started a story bord (in class time :slight_smile: but that’s besides the point) it’s incomplete right now, but it should help me stay on track, so hopefully I’ll be able to finally Finish one of my stories.

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I fear people laughing at my game and bullying me. I have always had a big fear to failure and being bullied.

Well done that seems a good wordcount.

I did 500 words (according to CSIDE) today, my first day writing, spread across three scenes. So far there are three sets of choices, one in each scene. I am learning the code syntax as I go along. I switched to a smaller different story idea, a little Fairy tale, but will return to the other idea later.