August 2023 Writer Support Thread

Almost halfway through the month and my progress is thusly:

  1. Complete chapter 1

I have managed to complete what I think might be half of the chapter? Not quite sure. I’ve got 20 label sections to complete, with who knows how many new label sections each of those sections will create. TAT Wish me luck
Edit: Oh! I forgot to put my current (estimated) wordcount! 18,411 (not including stats page) - 21,182 if you include stats. (which includes character relationship statuses and inventory.)

  1. Outline chapter 2

Did you read the first section? Haven’t even gotten CLOSE to this yet.

  1. Add another months worth of queued posts on my Studio Blog

This one I’m managing quite well, actually. I’ve even figured out a tag system that works, so I should be getting more attention on it soon.

  1. Find a 40hr week job. (necessary for my survival)

I found a 1099 position as a life insurance salesperson, which is wholly commission, AND I’ve managed to get my Notary Public certification mostly sorted. Just gotta send in the paperwork and then take another class. Then I’ll have at least SOME money coming in.

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