Audible Goodies (R.A. Salvadore/DnD/Off-Topic)


Hey guys/girls/warlocks, I found a cool thing on Audible (Amazon’s audiobooks) that is free. A bunch of nerdy celebrities (Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Weird Al Yankovic, Ice T (?!), Sean Astin, and more) have recorded episodes in a Legend of Drizzt Audiobook.

This isn’t a solicitation or anything, just telling you something I stumbled upon last night. The Audiobook(s) are free for the next 35 days (came out last week), and together they are about 10 hours long. I probably wouldn’t pay for them if they weren’t free (not a big R.A. Salvatore fan) but since it’s free, I’ll give it a shot.

I drive a lot so I listen to lots of audiobooks. I haven’t listened to these yet but in the trailers they have sound effects and good quality, and I love Wil Wheaton as a narrator, and Sean Astin is great too!

Why here? Well, I think many people here (not all, but enough) like nerdly things, and this might be one of them. You can download the entire collection or just by your favorite narrator. Each story varies from 30minutes to 1:49minutes (Wheaton’s is longest I think).