Attollo [WIP] [Update 04.19.2021]

Second Update for 09.20.20
Hello everyone!! Quick rundown on some stuff!

  • I remastered the prologue a bit. You can now unlock lore by playing the routes that will be available in the stats screen.

  • I rehauled the entire stats screen. It was a bit messy, but I think it’s easier to navigate now. Lore about Hypnos Industries, The Rapture, Sussoro Magazine, Cyber-Modifications, and the Dreamwalker were added. The locations of The Salvation, The Holy Grail, and Tanglewood Bar can now also be accessed from the stats screen post-prologue if you enter through the ‘Attollo’ option under ‘Locations’.

  • Coded and wrote some more of chapter 1. It’s goin slow because I’m still teaching myself code, but we’re getting it done!!

So, productive times!


Sorry about all these posts, but this demo is so good and I’ve been reading it over and over again! I found a few more things that I put under the cut. I’ll probably be able to give more constructive/high-level feedback once the ball gets rolling with chapter 1 :).

This is all from the stuff in the stats screen, btw.

Also, it never gets old to explain to people about how living in Canada doesn't equate walking in snowshoes and residing in log cabins for your entire life. People have odd beliefs.
"equate to"
Hours after the incident, reports were leaked that Lacheln Inc. was experimenting with controversial new techniques that went above and beyond what was typically used in nuclear reactors...
I was a little confused at first, since it sounded like Lacheln Inc. was currently experimenting with the new techniques hours after the incident. I think using the pluperfect, i.e. "Lacheln Inc. had been experimenting" would make more sense, since it's clear that the experimentation was happening before the incident.
Although the district attorney of Attollo did attempt to file a motion to have Lacheln Inc upper management investigated for neglect...
Inc is missing a period.

I also thought there were some stats that could potentially be ambiguous/confused with each other, but I won’t mention specifics right now since it’ll probably make much more sense once the stats are actually being used. I don’t want you to do extra unnecessary work changing them at the moment. If it’s still confusing later, I’ll bring it up again :).


Don’t ever apologize for posting! It makes me so happy to hear that you like the demo, and even more so that you’re taking the time to point out things that can be fixed! I’ll get to fixing up the points you raised as soon as I can!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Really interesting so far, am looking forward to seeing more, definitely like the tone and writing.


Very interesting. Will definitely be looking forward to this WIP. :two_hearts:


09.29.20 - Super Mini Update

Hello everyone!! I hope you’re all doing well! I’m just dropping in with a quick mini update on progress!

  • Chapter 1 is mapped out! I’ll begin writing it more thoroughly this week. This chapter will be released in 3 sections; the build up, route 1, and route 2. I chose to do this so you’ll have more opportunity to play the choices rather than having to do one long playthrough and then restart again.
  • I’ll be revising some of the stats to make them more comprehensible, and I’ll be editing the lore pages!
  • Carcosa (Attollo’s prison) has a website now! I thought this would be easier than one massive info dump on the lore page. It’s fun, it’s interactive, and it definitely shows how questionable the ethics of Attollo are.
  • I got a wonderful piece of art commissioned by melamoarts on twitter of the main villain of the series!! Check it out below - I have not stopped screaming.
The Wendigo

Have a great week!! <3


I think you can circumvent this by ending the old content on the file you’re planning to update (the “play again” screen) and urging players to save there. As in, having the *ending command in the file destined for chapter one and then removing it when you update. This way when they reload they won’t get kicked back at the very beginning.


Ooo, that would probably be a lot easier than worrying about everyone constantly being booted back to the start. Thank you!!


The worldbuilding and the RO’s have my attention like immediately! I can’t say too much since we don’t have chapter 1 yet BUT I’m already very excited to see more!


I was really excited to find this and read the prologue, but I must be missing something? It ends right after the meeting, but the other comments lead me to believe there is much more than that available.

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That’s all there is, actually!! The comments you’re seeing might be about the upcoming chapter 1 (part 1), which will be out in a few weeks!! :heart:


Another Mini Update - 10.14.20

I made some changes to the prologue (again) and the stats page to tidy it up!

  • You can now unlock the powers page in the stats section to read about some of the abilities our two enigmatic prologue characters possess!
  • I also made it so that you’ll receive an achievement notification when you unlock something new vs seeing it in text (which was messy).
  • ALSO I learned how to hide choices in stats before you unlock them, so yay!! That’s called progress, darlings <3

Chapter 1 is still on a fast track to be released by the end of the month! Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic remainder of your week! Cheers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This was awesome, never has a game award Me with an achievement just by opening it :rofl:. It was Done :+1: Love it. The atmosphere and tonal shift’s were spot on. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: this will obviously be a dark series and I think you captured it really well.

I wonder what will happen to that man we were playing as. I sense a dark end for him if he doesn’t do his job right. And will our mc be the one he was tasked to retrieve :joy: . We don’t wanna be on the wrong side of the dreamwalker.

Can I just say that I enjoyed the amount ways we can go to the meeting. That each path we take adds a little bit to the city and the characters introductions. That if we were late to the meeting than his attitude was cold towards us, tone detached without warmth, and if we managed to be on time to the meeting than he showed a hint of warmth and softness to his tone.

Carcosa sounds like a scary place. It’s already giving me goosebumps, one can only imagine the amount of human Experiments that want on the place and still ongoing once powered individuals began showing up. There was a sense of unease in demo, well done. Those scientists and the mayor will have what’s coming to them.


Thank you so much for your kind words, omg!! I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the story so far, and even more pleased that the sense of unease comes across well!!

Also, Carcosa is a pretty skeevy place, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of its underworkings as the story progresses! :heart: Cheers!


New WIP to critique? Hell yes I’m bored. Grammar Freak Mode Activated

Love the story and the game so far, but I do have something to mention!

First things first, I feel like there’s way too many achievements, especially the three you get in the first two pages. I haven’t done anything in the game, and I’ve already earned three achievements. What. Literally, you start up the game and get an achievement, you press Next for the first time and get two more. It’s too much. If you’re trying to build up the Show Stats screen with achievements (like I’m guessing you are), I’d recommend using some sort of variable system, like a lore_rapture boolean (though I wouldn’t even make that one, since it literally triggers at the very start of the game). Heck, I finish what’s in the game so far, about 3 choices, and I’ve already gotten 6 achievements!

I may not have been looking too closely, but I didn’t see any typos, so congrats on escaping the wrath of Grammar Freak Pinmat. Love the story so far! :heart:


Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I’m glad you mentioned the achievements thing, because I was sort of hoping someone would provide some feedback on whether or not the idea works out. I may return to having ‘Lore Unlocked:’ in the games text rather than the achievements if it’s too overwhelming for most, and I’ll probably implement that in the next update! (Also it makes me so proud to have escaped your grammar wrath, given that grammar is one of my critical weaknesses).

Thank you again!! :heart:


UPDATE 10.22.20

Chapter 1, Part 1 has now been released for public play! Yay! This chapter entails:

  • An introduction of you, the MC! Nice!
  • The mysterious black slime we don’t stan
  • An equally enigmatic gas station attendant
  • An introduction of your sibling
  • Disgusting public washrooms
  • Wormholes in unexpected places

I hope everyone enjoys! Feedback is, as always, super appreciated!! Cheers! <3


Hey everyone! The stats have been edited, alongside with some aspects of chapter 1. Because of the stats edits, any saved progress may be lost. Apologies!! This will be the last time the stats will be edited. Cheers!


Really awesome and unique! So far it’s really interesting and your writing style is amazing! Look forward to seeing more.

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Man am i excited about being a Criminal Lawyer in the middle of all this nonsense, I’m sure everyone will love me. Also good on you for the different choices of occupation! There’s just something really charming about almost all the different occupations. Though my favs are definitely Detective and Lawyer lmao!

Edit: Oh how could i have forgotten about Retail worker?? XD Can’t wait to have that “I just work here dude.” attitude.