Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



Okay, this hyped me for no reason




Has this WIP been updated?


Read the title


I’ve read the first issue of the comic book called DIE (as in the playing die) by Kieron Gillen and its premise immediately reminded me of the situation of this PC.


I love this. Please do not make this WIP die :))))


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

So this WIP is not dead, I’ve been busy. I really feel guilty for not informing you all that I’ll be absent for some time. Forgive me!

So far, I’ve got 20K words written for the next chapter and I’m not done with it yet. I have to finish a training scene with the MC and Salaam (the Jinn). That scene had me going over the magic system of the game and how the two types of energy that fuel magic (mana and aether work). Mana is mainly used by mortals and aether is almost exclusively used by divine being, including the gods.

In any case, all will be revealed when the chapter is updated.

There are some changes I’m making in the previous chapters. The first being the powers, specifically the energy manipulation. It wasn’t working for me so I’m going to change it into shadow manipulation powers.

Before I forget, I finally decided on the name for the capital of the Heavenly Realm. It took sometime but I was able to get into Apseudes’ mind and pull it out. It’s Kallipolis if you’re wondering (I’m sure the Philosophy Nerds will the reference).

Anyway, back to the announcements. I previously promised to add customisation on the race you’ll choose. Just like any good politician will say “mistakes were made” and I’m walking back on that promise. I’ve finished the outline of the game and it will just be too complicated at this point to add. Hopefully giving customisation to the country you’ll overlook will be sufficient for now

You know in the prologue when you choose the creation myth, I’m going to change the one with the Word that existed. It deserves it’s own story I believe.

And of course Croessus, I have to add him also if you choose not to play chess with Irena.

So in the upcoming chapter you’ll also meet the high and minor gods of Atheina. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting.

All the typos and grammatical mistakes pointed will be fixed. I guess that’s all I have for now.


I actually don’t mind reading long posts, at times I can’t help it.

The absence of the MC was to be like a plothole in the creation which the other members of the club wouldn’t mind as it is a minor thing to them. But to the worshipers in Atheina, it’s kinda of a big deal. The cynical side of me wanted to write how some apologists can do some mental gymnastics to have their holy texts covered with one another.

But I’ll make that clear in the next update that the members know there is a popular but shrug it off, only to later become a problem as theologians try to fit the MC in the pantheon.

So is the MC evil? It depends on how you look at it. So the MC was the one to introduce pain. It was kind of necessary because without it, how would you know you’re hurt. Another issue is of course the asymmetry between pain and pleasure. For the life of me, I cannot say whether such an asymmetry is needed but it does exist in the world and it also touches on the problem of evil. Maybe it was evil to introduce pain, and thus the MC is evil. But don’t worry, the game doesn’t assume you are. Sure the MC is the deity of calamity but that’s just one title of many, unfortunately in Atheina it’s the most popular one :joy:

The issue of suffering is one of the things that will be dealt early on with Kreon’ s controversial taxation on divine power bill that he finalised. It’s also controversial due to Kreon’s maneuvering around the veto power of the Council of Guardians (It’s like the House of Lords for gods).

My battery is running out now. So don’t worry, I’m still working on the WIP.

@Abe I haven’t read that comic book but I’ll check it out.


well in my opinion, introducing pain was a necessity to make our races stronger and smarter as “Pain is Weakness leaving the body”


Welcome back @Darkner. I’m looking forward to the next update.


Lol, for some reason my mind immediately thought of torture as a counter-example to “pain is weakness leaving the body”. But that’s neither here nor there :joy:

Thanks, I’m steadily busy chipping away at the keyboard, one day at a time.


that phrase is used by the marine corps for recruitment just so you know


I believe it’s a great phrase because it sticks in the mind. I was just being pedantic about the quote though; i knew the context of the quote is about training and exercise where pain is to be expected.

I never knew it was used by the marine corps for recruitment, now I know :grin:


I won’t lie I was starting to get a bit worried about this wip. But I am glad to see that you have returned to us. I don’t really remember you ever promising we would be able to customize our race so that didn’t really bother me that you won’t be doing it. I do understand that it can be harder when allowing large amounts of customizing. But I just hope that you are having a good day and have a happy holidays.


Witnessing your return to this thread had me more excited than I thought I’d be. I hope everything went well for you during this time and taking a while to let a story simmer is often for the best.

I do not mind any cutting of content if it’s for the sake of having a less convoluted narrative - if anything it’s a boon. I much rather the world and my decisions work consistently than being able to run ramshod, breaking reality.

I am fully supportive of philosophical cynicism and discussions grounded in morality concerning both the theologists and the MC’s nature especially relating to their hand in the conception of pain. If this is to be brought in an interesting and inclusive fashion then it’ll be a fun read

Last but not least - it’s a very Apseudes thing to go and name her capital the “Beautiful City”. Let us see if their king is as righteous as Plato claimed it was.


Wish you all a Happy New year 2019


When the this Story fully comes out How can I play it? If I can play it, please message, Sowwy I’m new here! >"<


Thank you, You too!


I’m digging the isekai concept! The whole time I was literally screaming “that’s so cool!” and “whoa” and well, I’m really looking forward to how this wip will turn out?

Also some typos

You remember it was bitterly cold outside and yet the school principle still insisted that the photos to be taken that day.


She was born as the crown princes of one of the kingdoms of Atheina.


Awkward silence remains. No one has ever seen Chloe loose her cool.


The school uniform is a navy blazer, black tie and wite shirt.


“- This complete version of the hnadbook is for those who care about having rational rules in a game that are clear and consistent, and leave no stone unturned.”


“Don’t be, it’s not like that will be bring her back. In any case, they guy responsible is still walking free.”


The ease up and stand.


Three month?!


“- don’t worry about having forgetten my name… I can’t remember it too, it’s been awhile since I could recall it.”


It’s been reported that she’s wondering around the Underworld willy-nilly (a big no no says Sheera).


The budget readjustment vote is on the list, several proposed bils are planned on being debated.


“Why does he need my permission? Bills before the Divine Council can get amended during debates.” You recall a few of Sheera’s lessons.["]

Erase the quotation mark.

“Nevarth don’t bully the servants while I’m gone. Sheera, don’t overwork yourself. And Luna and Rosa, keep on eye on the two.”



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Good to have you back, my dark lord has been waiting :smiling_imp: