Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



Will we be able to RO other gods and mortals? in the future can You add an option for us to shape shift into an animal or mystical creature, I think this is a great idea because it protects our identity from worshippers of other gods.


I didn’t think I’d enjoy this game as much as I did. When I read I’d be playing a God of Death I thought to myself that the game wouldn’t have too many consequences, as I control death itself, and thus wouldn’t be too interesting. But I was dead wrong. This was a fun read with little nods to different mythologies which I love and a great premise.


I know, I hope this gets worked on and polished since this already has a strong beginning


We don’t tell authors what to do since this is most likely a side job rather than their actual job. Do understand that they have their own life to live and the update will come at their own pace.


First off, that’s rude… you can’t just come in here and tell writers to “speed things up” for your own convenience, you’re not their boss and neither do they own you anything. Secondly, it’s against the forum rules to pressure the authors into rushing content and / or asking for release dates.


So, any news ?


My god is patiently waiting for a update, he knows is worth the wait.


3 for me


2 or 4 because Atheina was supposed to be a game and they wanted the races to be attractive so everyone would want to play


look i noticed a spelling error from the the the game
The maids look concerned.
“I’m okay, no need to be so worried.” You smile at them.
The ease up and stand.
instead of it being they ease up and stand it’s the ease up and stand.
i noticed this and wanted to mention it.


My god waits for updates he knows they will be worth it.


Wow. This was great. I am definitely looking forward to this game and will be purchasing it forsure! Reminds me of a mix of several anime I have seen! Overlord comes to mind haha. Keep it up!


Worry not friends, we are only biding our time. No hasty world domination was ever successful.


we will rise and the goblins will rule, death to the oppressors


My goblin champion transform into hobgoblin…images%20(1)

They are beautiful just like the story suggest…


Super long. I apologize.

For the MC’s origin I like the absence theory, but I also think it would be cool if the were originally more of a force that the other gods didn’t understand. You could say they created the perfect world of plants and animals and such, then suddenly out of nowhere the earth shattered and the fires of death (lava) spewed out and engulfed the world. This would be the MC trying and failing to make something, having watched the other gods make stuff. But like with the humans (later on) this could be a teaching moment for the gods. They would rebuild the world and would make the world constantly change and adapt to different circumstances. That would explain natural disasters and their occasional necessity (and give the MC something to do while all of this other creation stuff is happening). I feel like having the MC more involved in the worldbuilding would make them seem more relevant than just god of the underworld. Just look at Hades, even though he was more or less a stand up guy, people pretty much hated him (and we kinda still do). He did tons of important stuff but is only really imortant because, there has to be an underworld… and, well, someone has to rule it. The MC should be linked to more than just death, or even destruction, but change, thereby forever cementing their imortance to everday life.

I apologize again for the length.


I like the idea of our MC a poorly understood character, I mean everyone sees him/her as only death and chaos and not the change in nature the natural flow of life, I would like my MC to be the peace after death



Long one again.

Everyone loves a good underdog story, but one thing I’ve always hated about a lot of religions is that they have an ‘evil god’ of some sort. Someone to blame all of their problems on. While that might be useful for the church or the people, from a god’s perspective you would basically draw the short straw every time. I’m going to take a Luciferian approach to this (I’m not Luciferian but if you read up on them it’s actually pretty interesting). They believe that Lucifer (the devil) is not evil, but a symbol of independence and change, think “Fortune favors the bold.” They think you should strive for personal happiness rather than catering to those around you. The TV show ‘Lucifer’ showcases this philosophy perfectly. Rather than just ‘the punisher’ (although that’s still there), it shows him primarily as a rebellious child whose father exiled and confined him to the worst possible place for eternity, thereby making him a paraiah amongst his family and the entire universe, simply for disagreeing with him. It makes everything Lucifer has done look like a teenager trying to get their parents attention. Now the Luciferians think he is less about temptaion and more about taking a leap of faith. Think of it this way: a person is in college and is going to a party. Let’s assume there is going to be drinking, sex, and the whole nine yards. Now some people see this as bad and think these people are the problem with society, some people see this as kids being kids, but others see this as an important stepping stone in life, that rebellious activities like these are important for building self-confidence and connecting with people. But the whole point of this is that Lucifer doesn’t have an unquestionably good deed to his name. Everything he has done could easily be seen as bad. In the context of the game, if the MC doesn’t have an inherently beneficial deed to their name, people will automatically think of them as ‘the bad god’, regardless of whether they deserve that title. The MC should have a choice of whether to fill that role or not, rather than have it thrust upon them (once again, look at hades in pop culture vs hades in greek mythology). But in order to do that, there has to be more to the MC than ‘god of death and ruler of the underworld’.


Humans, those who decide to worship you receive your "blessing " in order to serve you better. With Night Elves I truly value their aesthetic and their beauty. Especially their connection to nature as a whole. But they would definitely be corrupted trolls to serve as a wink and a nod.


A god rises and When the ashes fall they will a know death. Ruthless and Unforgiving. art-thanatos-god-of-death