Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



Hey, maybe it take place in the 31st century, who knows?



Despit the dark I absolutley love that song


I was wondering if we can get the option to take the school uniform off the moment we realize we have it on and maybe be annoyed that we were forced to wear it.

Am I the only one who wanted to obliterate the school uniform, throw it into the void and get back into my chosen attire?


I’m not exactly annoyed, just kinda weirded out they use highschool uniforms and building for their meeting. I guess they just don’t want to forget where this all started, if they even remember at all why they make it like that.


Cual Of these orcs you would choose as being the race that his God will have?


3 or 4 for me

20 chr


without hesitation, 3


1 or 4 would be my choices.


@Rony_Lima_Ferreira_d all the way with 2, remember it said they were very look alike like humans


I do not really like the idea of ​​orcs looking more human in my mind and how my God made things they are the perfect war machine without pity or fear


I choose 3, I need muscle for when the time comes to make my move in the mortal world.


3 or 2
3 is more or the typical orc image, but 2 is different but in a interesting way.


2 in a heart beat but 4 is a close second.


this sounds like overlord an anime. where a guild of people play a mmorpg as inhuman races and create npcs that later on view thier creators as gods known as the 41 supreme beings. at least that’s what i think tell me your opinion if you don’t mind


Are there only three calamities


so far yes i think


Just saying but if you take the small wing / horns, the business suit and the scyth / book, you’re basicaly an anime god of death

and you can basicaly RP as a trap if you take the skirt as a guy

it would be another good customisation option, if we look masculine, feminin or whatever and if we are tall, small or whatever and if we are buff or slim or whatever


1 and 4, i cannot decide, i think 1 will make a excellent male orc profile and, 4 will be a nice orc female profile too. Both are good in their ways i think


I wonder if the beta will include the option to build a actual undead army


I have to say that this game is awesome and I love the mc powers! I can’t wait for more and definitely watching this thread plus progress of the game. :heart_eyes::heart: