Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



I think 2, it seems kinda dumb.


Gotta stick with my underestimated children. Goblins.


me too (20 Characters)


Indeed, I would also like the ability as a Primordial God to design the Underworld, and possibly change our attire and weaponry. Perhaps also reanimate the dead or create a new race.


I was thinking of adding Night Elves since they are actually a descendant of Trolls, but I would like to also be like the Molag Ball with the introduction of Vampires and be able to bless others with the gift, and if possible change some into werewolves. Also does the author get help from others in terms of dividing up the tasks?


Vampires, Demons, Werewolves, heck I would settle for Greenbane the Underworld’s Assassins, search up Nature of the Beast 2 Skyrim mod for some inspiration. You shall not regret it.


If Trolls get corrupted then they become Night Elves like from the Wow series, Night Elves are a descendant from Trolls


This is something I would definitely like to see!


I found a typo

It’s when father is said the second time on the warrior’s path, also I would love to hear more from the Raven and our “Chosen One” to be honest I am prefer the mage because of her purity. Then there is the Thug Goblin he just has some kinda spunk.


Perhaps a ability to gain a mount?


Don’t think so. And about the vampires and werewolves, what would you corrupt to even make them. Id think if our MC tried to corrupt humans to make them then they would be in huge trouble. And why Night Elves too if Dark Elves are there, i dont see a difference.


Wait does that mean we can no longer get to corrupt other races into other creatures since we are now getting to choose either of the 3? Or will the other races get to be incorporated later (like if I pick trolls, which I am currently leaning into, there will be no goblins or orcs in my story).

Also, forgive me for the reference, but seeing trolls, I only have one thing in mind…



As long as i have the option to destroy all in my path i will be happy.


So…since the Grand Palace of Somerset is an exact replica of our high school, I wonder how the others would take it if I decided to hum the chorus of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ while walking down the hallway?


they dissapeared 10 years ago, did that song even exist then ?


It came out in 2010.


so they dissapeared 2 years before it came out, therefor they’d just look at you like a weirdo if you began to sing a song they never heard of


To be fair, we don’t know the exact year this game took place. For all we know, it could possibly take place in 2030.


I can’t wait for the next update


With this argument, it could also take place in the 90’s