Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



Yes… and why not give us the choice to choose more than one so we would look more badass???
That would be great.
BTW… I did choose my God’s name to be ‘Lucifer’ as in ‘the prince of hell’ since we are the god of hell.


… let me just bury myself in shame, please.

As I said before, customization appearance into like a skeleton or demon/beast will be gradual as the story progresses. It won’t make sense narrative to start out as a whole skeleton since the other Gods gradually changed into their respective appearances.

That does look like a menacing of Calamity

As promised, the mc will get the chance to incorporate other races into their nation. I focus more on the story side so I can’t male the orcs, trolls and goblins just interchangeable. Coding the difference in culture and belief is going to be difficult. One of the other reasons why I chose goblins is because I have a better idea of their evolution path. If trolls get corrupted, what do they become?

Just think of it like starting from the bottom and having to work yourself up.

EDIT: So I’ve been thinking, and I’ve decided I should change the fantasy race the player gets in the beginning.

In the next update there’ll be 3 options: Goblins, Trolls, and Orcs. These will be the only races offered in the beginning, I won’t add any more for my own sanity.

I should be able to manage without too much difficulty. Anyway, I’m off to lectures now.


What will be the different between them(beside appearance)? :thinking:


orcs are more brute strenghth and arnt that intelligent while goblins lack power but make up for it in resourcefulness.the trolls shrugs


Jeremy_Stumbaugh I think you have trolls and orcs the wrong way around and orcs would be balanced between strength and resourcefulness.

Does any one know what all the god appearances changes are because three sound like a demon, one is a skeleton and one is you don’t change. i can’t remember the rest.


I think in that way, orcs will be balanced between brute force and inventiveness, while goblins will not have much brute force but will be more inventive and trolls will have more brute force but will be less inventive.


I’d choose orcs or goblins.


orcs or trolls for me.


Just finished playing the demo. Consider me a fan.


Among those trolls what kind you choose as your breed?


I would choese 5 but they would be much nicer than they look in the photo.


One is decent enough


1 definitely 1 unless they’re all that huge


I also like one just because they seem wise


i’d take 1, 2 or 4, those are the best IMO


Thanks to world of warcraft there is only one kind of troll that comes to my mind when I hear or read the word


id say one or five as they seem the biggest and strongest


Def 3
My nation would be theocracy with trolls and undead(skeleton) with corrupted dark elves they will hold a special place in my heart


Gunna be honest I don’t like any of those.


Maybe some Titan in Chinese Mythology would be good?