Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



I wonder when the next update is I think this is going great


I guess for more concept ideas to take from:


(CREDITS TO THE ARTIST: thedurrrrian…even though i do not know him/her lol. And the artist to the reaper looking one, I actually forgot)


Nice I especially like the last one but that might just be me


Hi everyone! I’m still alive, sorry for the absence. But I had to away from social media if I was to be able to write anything. What I’ve noticed is that when I’m on this forum, I usually also open up other websites that lead to other websites and I never come around to write anything down.

I’m weak, procrastinating is just too tempting. So avoided a lot of distractions. I discovered an article from one of my favourite authors, Kazuo Ishiguro, and how he wrote one of his famous novels ‘The Remains of The Day’ in four weeks. (My favourite of his works has got to be ‘Never Let Me Go’, it’s painful just thinking about it)

So far I’v been able to write 10K words. It’s mostly rubbish in my opinion, but one of the best writing advices I read was to write fast and edit slower.

I also have to do other university projects, so my writing from now on is going to slow down for some time.

Thanks for all the typos that have been pointed out, I’ll fix them when I update chapter 2.

I have no idea, I wasn’t planning on changing how the Underworld looks like. But maybe in the later chapters there’ll be an option of terraforming the underworld. Cool idea but I’ll see.

I have actually watched the anime of overlord and read some of the light novel. It’s pretty awesome I must say.

You noticed my La Llorona reference?! :grin::grin: And I thought maybe I was being too subtle…

I can’t really follow the footsteps of overlord since it’s not an interactive medium but rather a light novel with a single storyline. One thing I like about Overlord is not only it’s world building but is characters. I think the characters of Overlord make the world come alive. I do agree that there has to be player choice so that players can role-play better.

There will be an option to stay neutral but there’ll also be an option to take a more bias side towards one faction. Doing so will of course antagonise the other faction members. But that’s just politics :grinning:

I hope you did end up finishing the game, thanks for spotting those typos. I’ll fix them in the next update

Always open for suggestions, thanks for them. I like the armours you suggested.

I have the difficult task of sorting out the best and choosing which attire will make it. But also don’t want to overwhelm the reader with so many options at the same time :thinking::thinking:

Lol :rofl: (I think someone has some anger issues)

I apologise if I haven’t seen your reply, there were so many!

I really love all the armour ideas, I have my work cut out for me.


Take your time this is the CoG forum so you already know that we will stay with authors no matter the legnth of time, keep up the amazing work :+1:


I wish our God could choose other breeds besides goblins if possible orks or black elves


Dark Elves maybe better, even blood elves is better than black elves!~

… Then use dark elves pls. I am an experienced WoW players XD


Dark elves are black elves.


I prefer orcs they are more a race of war and what I intend to do and transform atheina into hell itself and a legion of orcs would be much better


I don’t see Dark Elves as black :thinking:

Edit : To clarify I don’t mean like black black skin. I usually see them as ranges of Really Tan, to very faint and light Purples and greys.


Black elves are another name for Dark elves I don’t think they’re actually black.


Sometimes they are. Just not often.


I like your game but i think having more options to customize your god is a great thing i will like having a option to be apparence of a demon or specter or a skeletal thing.


Darkner told the lriters to post their ideas like these images that I am posting giving some ideas of how could be our MC

As I want to have an MC with a malign appearance like "Fear the powerful God of calamity

Long horns.
Fangs instead of teeth.
Sharp claws.
A devil’s tail.
Long leather wings.
Goat’s feet


oh well if to post images maybe something like this to be a god.

I remembered, maybe it would be interesting if mc had the choice of which race he wants to patronize, like goblins, orc, trolls, demons, undead, or some other evil race.


I would so wanna father the undead


636481991388234939 this is my gods weapon


And this is my God images

I don't want my God to have a very terrifying appearance, rather a gentler (underwhelming?) one than one would usually expect, since he prefers subtlety, charm, cunning and manipulation over straight-up violence (because that's his forte, anyway) but still want him to look uncanny enough so maybe something like this:


A different kind of smash dear.