Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



It stills shines though, and looks kinda pretty, thats all that matters to me.

Besides I want to be a god that looks like a dragon, you are not a real dragon if you don’t have a treasure hoard with tons of gold in it lol.


You and me both
Add in some knight helmets for decoration, a horde of minions guarding the place, a few captured heroines, the skulls of the adventurers dumb enough to hunt you and THEN you’re a real dragon


Tbh I fucking hate gold, nothing about it appeals to me at all. Damascus steel is more up my alley…


To be fair, I wouldn’t use gold as a weapon, just bury myself in it to sleep in it, like all true dragons should, also would have a lot of magic enchated items in the hoard.

Maybe to make a trinket or two if I’m bored.


I’m not through the demo, but I thought I’d say a few words about it. (I’m talking to Bymir now.)
It’s freaking awesome! I never thought this demo would be so much fun. The idea is, at least in my opinion, something different and not done too often.
I did catch a few mistakes:

Two times also is one to much


In my play I only worked on saturday so this bit is incorrect.

the “” are missing. At least it sounds better with them. (In my opinion)

I don’t know what you mean by fathers food. He cooked so bad that you woke up in a different bed? next sentence has a grammar mistake

I really don’t get the olive branch. Probably just a reference I don’t understand.

awkward cut off

I will play the rest of the demo in the next few days and then I will really talk about what I liked and what I didn’t.


If you open for few suggestions, here what I have in mind:



The non-armor ones:

we need gown too

Honestly though, I think it’s better to keep it simple at the moment. While I do love hundredsmany choices of fashion, it does can get pretty complicated. Won’t mind if you do add many options though :woman_shrugging:


YES to the demon armor at the top


I like the very last non armor one




An Olive Branch is typically seen as putting your faith in someone/ giving them a shot to prove themselves. I’ve also seen it used as a sign of a peace offering/ cease-fire, like a waving a white flag would mean.


actualy, the white flag is a sign of redition, submittion and defeat, while the olive branch is more ‘true peace’ and everyone just stop the conflict, without loser or winner


Does anyone know of any games that aren’t in Dropbox that are medival fanasty based


Is that you first emperor of china??


No it is I the first God Emperor of Atheina.

Empire and title are a work in process but one day it will be achieved.


Alright then emperor what is your goal? I mean the immortality has been already achieved and i don’t think you would need a terracotta goblin army.


Establish the empire and make it a reallity, become a dragon, make a terracotta army filled with the corpses of my enemies, don’t let anyone take me back to earth or another world, try to find happiness.

that would be it I guess.


All this talks of Dragons reminds of the Void Dragons from a game I used to play ages ago. They looked pretty wicked.


And then when I think of Void Dragons I remember a character from another older related game who was called Nightreign who also looked pretty wicked.



That’s so brutal and savage af.

Sick dragons. Looks like what a underworld dragon.


Wow, I just realized how much of a hoe I really am. A few minutes into the world and I already want to smash both Nev and Salaam.


Yup… the story so far is pretty good. Some times I got confused. But I am expecting good thing for the game.