Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



What does that mean?


Dylan does like to go around showing off his chest, to a yandere it won’t matter that he is a guy, probably.


IMO, anyone you date end up being your ennemy anyway, so why limit yourself ?


Simply put, right now, she’s boring and dull (not to mention a bit irritating). Even watching paint dry is more entertaining than talking with her.

No offense to @Darkner, since this is only my personal opinion based on my observation made in chapter one, who knows, maybe she’ll be a great character at later chapter after some character development.


Addendum, then. I won’t touch her even with a 30 meter pole, is that better?


I don’t know about that. I already like her. She seems to show her emotions more than the other. She’ll tear up when you can’t remember her name and the leaves on her dress even change color based on how she feels. She’s the most battle hardened one outta the rest of them and even has a bit of a temper which I like. Considering her patrons are the wild and nature it fits.
To me Luca/Irene is clueless most the time and to shy, but sometimes she gets focused.


She is like a more emotional Tali from Mass Effect


Good, I guess that takes care of Dylan. Finally, someone that I don’t have to personally kill ‘balance’.


You’re missing out on some excellent romance




What’s wrong with shy


How big will these harems be cause I kinda wanna add some minor gods in there


Don’t worry we all know the truth and agree with you, all of us


in general ? around 5 girls

then you also have a few outlier who have just dozens of girls after them


Can I make mine around double that


Never heard the sacred rule? Always watch out for the quiet ones?


probably, see that with Darkner


I am content with reading the discussions and fisticuffs being nearly thrown.

I just hope Lord Darkner doesn’t find it all overbearing.

In the meantime do listen to @Nazroth while I’m not around, kids - he is the voice of reason.

Except when he demands sacrifices, feel free to ignore him then.


But, those are the fun parts…

We are gods we need some good old sacrifices.

Just make the gold into elves, or if the gold ends up in our underworld castle then gold it’s fine too.


Hmm…how should I say this. In the customization, more details about the weapons and outfits. In the council debate part, (am I right? Sorry hehe) is it inevitable to choose a side or you could go to the neutral side where you won’t side at all. After all, being a former chair of both clubs is a big responsibility. What I am trying to say is, do our MC may choose to side either of the clubs, stay neutral or try to unite them as one by equal terms or ruling them. There is the infamous part, uniting them by becoming the villain or anti-hero…

Sorry, I guess that’s too much hehe.


For all you know gold is worthless to a god anf in atheina