Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



no shit, sherlock, free godhood in a RPG setting, who wouldn’t want that ? it’s not for nothing that RPG are considered escapism


I have to admit, we’re getting kind screwed as an Isekai protag (which is basicaly what we are), even the guy from RE Zero get a harem, he is just too much of an anime protag to actualy take advantage of it


I’d rather be a god without responsibilitys. Just chilling and drinking while watching whatevers going down.


That’s my secret, captain. I’m always into yandere.


Yeah, what kind of isekai protagonist doesn’t have a harem?

Smh, unrealistic game. 0/10. /s


well, from what i see, we are not forced to have a lot of responsability, Luca seems to just lay around and play game for exemple

so it’s apparently an option




Proceeds to slowly walk at approaching girl with kitchen knife in hand while turning pale as he realizes he’s already been stabbed.




i tried to do the hiding thing but i apparently failed


Only if you did something wrong you get stabbed, otherwise you get a free bodyguard.


With a yandere you never truly know what’s wrong.


still trying, i must have missed something

cheating include thinking about your dog, BTW



Don’t talk to your mother, sister, cousin, bestfriend or any other girl in the vicinity.


And practically a pure and undying love to boot! Really, the only people who says, “Never go for yanderes”, are unfaithful people.


The ultimate school of true love is to date a yandere. She’ll condition you to be faithful.


and you’re being awfully touchy with Peter from your job, you’re on thin ice already !

i never understood why people though Yandere’s jealousy stopped at other girls, they’d probably be jealouse of a goddamn plant if you were around it a bit too much

still worth it


Peter is already gone the moment you shaked his hand a second longer than usual in front of the yandere, sometimes you don’t even need to do it in front of her and the guy will disappear anyways.


guesse poor Peter won’t be in Deadpool 3, shouldn’t have made this handshake last 1,2 second instead of the normal 1.1 second.


All of this quickly devolved from being a discussion about killing, punish chloe and the elves to yandere shenanigans.

I’m Impressed and slightly proud on ourselves.


don’t forget we passed by ‘who is the strongest’ and ‘we are an Isekai protag, where is our harem ?’ before talking about the yandere

i miss Peter


If Luca / Irena is a hidden yandere, then she has nothing to get jealous of. Rebecca/Thyia? Sorry, I’m not into wet cardboard. Chloe/Apseudes? I don’t date my enemies.