Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



I’m also wondering if some of them could probably have depression. They can remember anyone they care about or their past.


My MC is more than happy to embrace his role in the club, and eventually, his role as god. He will likely go for what his job description is: Balancer. Try to keep the Divine Council working, and the world of Atheina working as well.


I doubt she would be too keen of letting someone else have an opinion on the race she rules over, I mean with her control issues and all, she even has imperium over all the realms, whether she made that rule or the world made it up we don’t know, but if she did make it…

Also elves would be punished if they use chemical weapons again, or any other race for that matter.


You weren’t forced. There were a dozen other clubs the MC could have joined. They ended up choosing that one. The MC probably should have read the requirements for graduating before joining the school if he didn’t want to join a club. Even if they ended up not being the chairperson they still would have been sent to this world just by being in the club they chose to join.


This screenshot says that we were definitely forced to join. The popular clubs wasn’t accepting new members so we didn’t have any choice in this matter.


Forced or not, i don’t see where it make sens to say that because we chose a club, we also accepted to become an Isekai protagonist

if that was an actual clause, i’d have joined every single club in existence though


The popular clubs. You weren’t forced into that exact club. They’re probably less popular ones you could have gone to.


If she did make it, that means she is acting way out of line and may need to be put down ‘balanced’. Also, it shows that she either has megalomania, or issues trusting others to govern the world, which is which can be discerned by analyzing her speech pattern.


No but it doesn’t make sense to blame anyone else though.


Maybe, maybe not. The story doesn’t exactly say if there were others that we could had joined.

All I’m seeing here is that the context was this club we had to join was the only available club that we needed to join just to graduate from high school. (Kind of glad they don’t do this in real life. I’m definitely not a people person.)

Maybe this part should be made a bit more clear that the club was more preferred than the other options or something.


i have nobody to blame even if they were responsible, i’d just have to thank them a lot


You want that power don’t you…


Isn’t joining a club mandatory in every school anime ever?


Good point. I’ll give you that one.


From time to time you find a mc who says that he is part of the “going to home club”, so I guess not really.

@No_This_Is_Patrick Well in those it does almost always happen like that, you do have a valid point there.


Protagonists never fight back in those shows. Your getting forces to join the detective club DO SOMETHING

@Nazroth I meant like in club focused shows the MC always gets forced into it and pretends to not like it, but goes along with it anyway. Next episode their getting power boosts from their new friends they just met from believing in friendship.


Yeah, but they always gets a harem out of it. This isn’t fair, where’s my harem?


Your Heretic roots are showing…


I, uh, I mean…woohoo, monogamous relationships for the win!


You can always try to flirt with all of them at the same time, just hope that none of them is a hidden yandere(suspicious glance at Luca) or you and the others love interest will be in trouble.