Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



Pretty sure none of them would work with you after that. Also were not the 3rd strongest @Darkner decided to make us the weakest when we first get there.


I am sure she is simply a well intentioned, if somewhat power hungry, person who just felt not punishing chemical warfare was the best course of option at the time. Somehow… Am I the only person who does not want to destroy Chloe? I mean the Elf chemical weapon issue will need to be revisited, although tbh we deserve a touch of the blame (and especially what ever dragged us to Atheina) for not being there to advocate for our people.


I’m not saying we’re that strong when we first showed up. I’m saying that once we are able to fully control our powers then that would put us in the top three.

And besides, their fault for creating a messed up world that dragged me in kicking and screaming so screw them too lol


The exact wording is “Top 3 of the strongest gods”

But it is quite the ambiguous term. First, second and third place are all top three. I’m quite sure @Darkner means that, power-wise, we’re the strongest out of all the gods. Power-wise. Keep in mind that power is not the only measure of strength.

EDIT : Too many ‘but’ in one paragraph.


i just want to tell her it was lowblow and then at least rain frogs on the elfs, destroying her would be boring, since it mean the role play lose one player


Also, we gain power from killing other immortals, we should be able to surpass Chloe this way.


For now I don’t want to kill her or punish her either, when we get to see her and get an idea of how she behaves in Atheina as a goddes then I will decide to start plotting her downfall, romancer her, friendship or just tolerate her existence.

Elves are getting corrupted and joining my empire as servants though, how dare they to kill my goblins.(the elves that survive that is)


Giants aren’t immortal and yet we got more power from them. So I’m sure we’re able to get stronger after killing something that is alive, immortal or not.


the one we killed was refered as a god / titan though


Yeah but that Titan had Giants with him as well. And if you picked the sword, you kill them too.


oh yeah, i had forgotten, my bad


I’m not. I would like to have a talk about the elves and goblins situation though. She shouldn’t have gotten them off punishment, but it was war and she didn’t tell them to do it and the mortals have free will, so unless it got really bad like it did then they really couldn’t interfere. Also apparently the elves went to war against the goblins for a reason so until we know why I’m not pointing fingers.


It wasn’t really a war though, it was to put down a revolt, that’s not really the same thing


That’s even better! After I finish with Chloe and the others I will turn to the rest of the Titans and whatever else there is.


Preach dear sir. bro she is worse than zues and look we need or chosen warrior to absolutely wreck the elf. Really genocide does she what a Hitler on her side and on that plant smh


I am with you on this! Chloe likely has reasons for what she is doing. She is likely more competent at the being a God thing than Jonathan but might be kinda, um, controlling. Not sure what I want to do about the elves personally. Will probably need to see how their civ has developed. Perhaps we can work with Chloe to make them better and less willing to use chemical weapons?


The goblins aren’t apart of the elves though it’s basically a war since their two different factions.


well, if it was to stop a revolt it mean the elf had annexed this place so no matter what were the races of those who revolted, it’s still just a revolt, not a war, especialy since the Goblins aren’t even a united race


The goblins aren’t being ruled by the elves at all though now. If it was a revolt the elves would have came in and took control, but they didn’t. Guess we’ll find out soon anyway.


I would not go that far as to compare her to him. She probably never gave a shit in the first place about the elves but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t demand to convert half of the elves into dark elves or face total destruction of the elf race as an apology to the goblins.

I couldn’t care any less about what the other gods would think about this since the MC was basically forced into the club by the school and the chairperson position by both clubs just because they can’t even agree on a single thing in the first place. Whatever business they may have between each other is nothing more than petty minor things to me.