Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



I’ll just corrupt her elves into Dark Elves and make them serve me instead.


Kill half, corrupt the other half.


There should be an option to have a pointy devil tail


@Darkner are u suppose to buy the game? Since I am stuck on playing chess, and it tell me to play again.


It’s a wip the game is not finished


then why is everyone talking about final chapter and shit.;


What do you mean? Probably, people here are talking about what they want to see in the end?


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I’m somewhat confused by a few things (english isn’t my first language so maybe it’s just me), like why is a our title ‘chairperson’ even if we are not ‘non binary’ ? shouldn’t it be ‘chairman’ or ‘chairwoman’ ? and how can we be chairperson if Chloe is already president ? because as far as i know, both of those words translate to the same thing in my language


From a organization/company perspective, the President is the highest executive officer, the one who looks over the business and reports to the board of directors; while the chairperson is the head of the board of directors and presides over their meetings. The President keeps the chairman apprised of developments between meetings, and takes guidance from the chairman.

In this game, I think it is that Chloe runs the club and is responsible for the developments made or actions taken, but ultimately reports to the chairperson (us). We do not take any direct part in the decisions or actions of the club, however we hold the highest position and have the final say in all matters.


@Darkner, I hope you don’t try to follow the footsteps of overlord (one of my favorite animes ), you should make more battles and be able to interact with the world and conquer it if you choice and that would start a godly war with your allies but you can choice if it happens or not by one decision that is to conquer all or let you goblins conquer on your behalf or just make them rich or very powerful empire that doesn’t want to grow and no one will mess with them. And you should be able to mark creatures or titans if you want them you and choice u who want,and you should be to have a power to create demons and monsters because you rule the underworld and see if you can fight to see if you can be the king of Gods by power or wit or whatever you can think of. If you do alot of people will flock to this game. P.s let us choice if we want to be op or just a average powered God. By the way the mc is the strongest out of all of them because he has to power to take away, so he can take away the gods powers or God states and that girl can only If God status. Hope I gave you something to ponder on. Thank you for your time @Darkner.


I’m pretty sure Darkner said that we are not the most powerful god. More like we’re the 3rd most powerful god.

Sure we can destroy but we definitely can’t take away another God’s powers. It doesn’t even work that way. If that was possible, then I’m sure that someone would had tried that at this point when our god MC was in a deep sleep.


@MichaelCrank I was typing off my head I meant what if we can do those things and why are we not like 2nd dude we control death. Unless she when she got there she was there for a long time and then started think what would happen if the mc woke up and got mad and killed everyone (god) so when we were sleeping she gave took that part of our power out with the help of the the other gods and destroyed that ability


Don’t think we have that power. We have the power of destruction. We can kill immortals though, but not take away their immortality. Also were not the strongest, when we’re at full power it’s a tie between us, Chloe, and Johnathan.

We don’t control the dead we just rule the Underworld.

I don’t think they have the power to manipulate other gods power or even affect us while we were on Earth anyway.


The reason why we’re not stronger is due to Chloe and Jonathan being the President and Vice President of the club. We’re just the guy who breaks the voting ties if it ever came to it but nothing else special.

Look at this way. Chloe is the Zeus, Johnathan is the Poseidon while we’re the Hades of the Trinity. And no where in the story does it say that a god has an ability to take away another god’s powers.

The only person that is able to destroy life or anything else is us while the other gods can only create things. If taking away a power was possible then I’m sure we would be the only one aside from Chloe to hold this ability but I doubt that Chloe would even care about this since she apparently didn’t care for the elves committing genocide against the goblins.


technicaly, you’re also the guy who decide what the meetings will be about and the plannings IIRC

also it’s because Chloe declared herself the head goddess during the lore thing that she is the strongest, i think at least

i don’t remember if Jonathan is really stronger than us, but he is probably closer to us than Chloe, who is probably the strongest (i’d see Jonathan as around equal to us)


I swear if we meet Chloe again and she starts acting all high and mighty, she’s about to get slapped.

And I’m still mad about the elves-goblins things lol those goblins are my children!

Johnathan’s god was second to be introduced in the lore, right? So that would put him to be the second strongest but then again, we were the last to be introduced and yet our controlled powers would put us in the top three.


Yall are letting being Gods get to your heads! We are simply just governors/bureaucrats with world ending powers! We should not be trying to crush each other and instead work to govern in a sound and efficient fashion! :stuck_out_tongue:


The only way I’d work with the others is when Chloe dies. I refuse to do anything to do with them when she’s still around. Might even go as far as to close the Underworld to the newly dead as a big middle finger to Chloe if that was possible.


killing everyone with power that isn’t me and getting the absolute power to do whatever i want without needing a reason or being accountable is the soundest and most efficient way to govern