Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



Let’s tame some elves


Yes ss release the wargs


Fire Fighter for bonus to endurance or the equivilent of it?


Bankteller-boost to the economy

release the kraken!



Types of weapons that can be placed: Hammer of War: Hitting him on the ground brings forth earthquakes that could shake a continent.

Double laminas: To no idea what power she would have.

Shield: capz of blocking the most powerful attack of the gods comes with a sword or other weapon.


Will there be a choice in the book where you can choose how the underworld looks like? I want my realm to look like something straight out of bloodborn or dark souls.

That’d be sick tbh😁


or it deflects the attack back to the attacker.


When I choose some of the clothes I’m wearing, I’d like to choose their color as well, and I want to have giant wings like an angel (which I will not be in this game)
I want to think that I am like this in this image

The almighty Khorne (name of my God) before the gates of the underworld


If were gonna be talking mc’s then ima put it simple, I want my mc to look like a darker version of gwynevere(if anyone gets the reference kudos). But more specific like a mix of gwynevere and eris morn and the grim reaper from dante’s inferno(video game).

But plot twist…she’s very kind


That image made me think of Avacyn the Purifier for some reason. Lol, and I wouldn’t mind my character having a similar look tbh :thinking:


I want the classic look of an angel for my evil playthroughs and the classic demon look for my good playthroughs


A bit off topic but if you’re not Familiar with MTG at all, Avacyn is a Normal Angel. She was created by a Vampire Planeswalker if I recall to protect Innistrad. Which is a realm filled with Zombies, Necromancers, Werewolves, Vampires, Demons. Etc. But she looks pretty much the same when she’s a normal angel. Just without the blood stains on the wings. And her eyes are pure white instead of black lol.

In one of the previous sets stories. I think it was an Eldrazi but something seriously messed with her mind and she started murdering everyone instead of saving them. Lol

I do love her outfit though. Deffo something I would wear.



Personally I want to get along with Chloe I think being allies with her would be a great idea. But I think that I would like a apology for simply speaking I would appeal to the fact that she knows how horrible poison gas is as she was in high school she I’m sure has read about world war one and mustard gas.


She likely doesn’t care


I just want to rain frogs on the elves, i don’t care about empty apology from someone who isn’t even directly related to it


@Darkner I was reading your work, got to say it is really good, I also looked you took inspiration from some anime and other works, may I suggest for you to watch Overlord?’, it is an anime with a theme close to yours, it is also a light novel if you wish to read it too, I think you could get great ideas for how our MC interacts with his/her underling since they see him/her as a god, by the way nice La Llorona reference


overlord is my favorite anime.


To be honest, I don’t want Chloe’s apology. No, what I want is for her to grovel at my feet, begging for my forgiveness and mercy. For her to realize that it is her no longer who runs this ‘show’, no, 'tis I. For her to realize that, if I so desire it, bathing the world in nuclear fire will not be a difficult task for me. For her to realize that, if I desire it thus, returning everything back into nothingness is perfectly within my capability. I want to see that collected façade of her crumble and give way into a look of pure terror and dread. Those are my humble wish.


Spoken like a true ruler of the underworld.