Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



Making the goblins a theocracy wouldn’t be a bit to similar too the elven theocratie, who used nerve gas against the goblins already ?


Lord Darkner has spoken.

I see, we cannot interfere directly in any way in the mortal lives. In that case, republic would be my preferred form of government.

Also, I have a question. I apologize if this is stupid in some way or I’m not getting it, but if the Gods cannot interfere directly in the mortal world and lives, then Chloe shouldn’t really be antagonized for what the elves did, right? I mean, the elves chose to be a bunch of dickheads, but Chloe couldn’t simply tell them to stop. She couldn’t ask the elves not to declare war on other races even if she wanted to either, because that would be direct interference.

Sorry if I’m missing something (I’m kinda afraid I am, lol).


The probleme with Chloe is that she argued that her race shouldn’t be punished because of a technicality and got them to basicaly get away with what they did, not that she ordered the elves to do it

they should have at least suffered a few rains of frogs IMO



Yes! Mandatory two years of military service and a plot of land as an award or risk being excommunicated to less friendly lands.


Will the Divine Council overlook a supervolcano in the South Sea? Trust me, there is a method to my madness…


I would like to join you in this methodize madness


I see. Well, she was only defending her race, which from her perspective was the ‘right’ thing to do (and knowing the elves, they probably would reduce their worship or lose some faith in her if they suffered some kind of divine punishment). Overall, I’m not putting a lot of blame on Chloe (a sincere apology will do) but the elves have another thing coming for them. those assholes


I kind of want there to be a entrance to the underworld on a volcanic lifeless island filled with undead in the middle of a Bermuda Triangle like area of the ocean (or whatever else if it is customizable) and basically anyone who get on the island is pretty much doomed unless they were actually prepared and even then it shouldn’t be any easy task because it would be neat for a story of a person to brave the patch of damned waters with their crew fight there way threw the undead and guardians just to regain the soul of someone important to them who died in a kind of unfair way (That would be a fun)


I feel like the anti-social uncle just sitting around the bar, drinking and waiting for something else to happen before giving any further input about this story. :laughing:


On a scale of 1-10 how involved can we be with our race


To make the stats easier to manage, I suggest to make the stats simple. Because there author I’m close with who have hard time manage stats thanks to her long game stats. :thinking: What the skills MC can have anyway?

Found one typo:


Intelligence(to run the underworld)


Am I the only one who wants to just start randomly assigning names to the other gods since we can only remember the first three letters?


Easy fix just give the other job options their own boost (like having one to impart the military knowledge to make the goblins have the strongest military, make them the strongest politically, able to create a new breed of goblin)


Honstly I love the idea your job can help your race in a big way


What is this about jobs?
Also going to make a republic/democracy as that seems the best suited because we can not govern everything. Not sure if I picked the right champion for that though… I do look forward to what nation building there is, along with politicing in the Divine Council!


In the prologue, Chloe will ask you question about which decision you’ll take. Either option A or option B.

Statistically speaking, the majority of people should have gone with option A. The reason for this is that it makes intuitive sense at first, who’ll pass guaranteed money? Choosing the other option means taking a counter-intuitive decision, but it is the rational decision.

This should give one a glimpse of Chloe’s mind. She’s not a person who makes decision by using her intuition, she doesn’t trust it. So to her, a technicality is not bad. In fact, it could be themost rational decision to her.

(When I add the stats in the game, I’m not going to punish the player for choosing a different option. There many ways people solve problems and there shouldn’t be only one ‘right’ way)

If you want an apology from her, you’ll have to play by her rules and show that her reasoning was in fact not rational. That somewhere in her argument, she made a mistake. Other than that, she’s not the type to apologize for a view that she believes is rational. In order for her to apologize, she first acknowledge that she did something wrong.

:grin: I don’t think so…

I’m going to give players leeway her, I’ll answer 5-6. (1 being no involvement and 10 being absolute involvement)

It will be personality stats and skills willl be included. I’m not planning on doing something complex. Thanks for spotting the typo.

I don’t think I’ll add Intelligence. What I will add is the option on how the player solves problems. Like are they more of a feeling person who trusts their intuition or are they the kind of person who are analytic and rely less on intuition.

I see your point.

I’m planing on adding a job option in the next update so that the player can help out the goblins.


Animal trainer-help goblins domesticate animals


No Chloe will see my “point” if she doesn’t give me an apology

Regarding the job options could I get a job based around video games so I could create gaming in atheina.
If you need a use for it than make the games let goblins level up without the danger.
I can see it now advertisements for the god boy, the divino switch, dietybox all great totally (not) original game consoles for atheina


animals to conquer the world?


The “animals” are monsters