Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [Updated 23 July 2018]



hey you gotta prepare for every possible outcome.


In order to break up the railroading could we say the metors housed the goblins making then essinatally aliens(or they bred with humans to make goblins) diease mutated the human souls
Smog made the humans try and adapt and last is the same with just taking the souls


Well I wouldn’t have to do a thing since if they rebelled they would lose the right to rule in the eyes of those they lead and it would become a feudal system with my champion as king until I got around to changing it back


My preferred form of government would either be an autocracy or an oligarchy.

If it’s an oligarchy, I shall be the one to choose the people/families that would have the power, based on various factors.


So you mean to have a puny country instead of a larger territory, ok you do you


Hey, an oligarchy does not necessarily have to mean a ‘puny’ country. Soviet Union in the 1990s is an example (I think). If at any point it feels inefficient I’d simply change the form of government as I see fit.


I it might confuse your goblins if you suddenly just change your governing system and @darkner might not give you a chance to change it meaning you’ll have to restart


I’m unsurprised no ones chosen a democracy


True enough, an option to change governing system would probably be a lot more coding/writing and make the author’s job unnecessarily more difficult. I’ll guess I’ll stick with autocracy in the end.

It would be kinda pointless, what if the goblins choose somebody that the MC doesn’t approve of for the position of power? We can’t just pack and leave, in the end, we’ll still retain a lot of power and control which would make the democracy moot. I think it’s really not an option when it comes to Gods.


You don’t rule the goblins you’re their patron god they’d elect a ruler not a god in fact can you think of more than one time where a god was elected


By the way I’m unsurprised because I know no one wants that choice taken from them


I understand that, what I meant is if the goblins choose someone that we somehow do not deem worthy or do not approve of (for whatever reasons) as a ruler we’ll be able to simply remove him (for good reasons maybe) but the democracy ultimately becomes pointless. It would work if I completely left them alone to do as they please (free will) but I can’t stand to see my worshippers lead themselves down a drain by electing a bad ruler. At one point or other we might have to intervene, and that wouldn’t be democracy.


What I meant and I believe there where stat suggestions earlier that went over this, Everyone’s Intervening


Oh? I was unaware that this was already discussed, must have missed it or something. Thanks, I’ll go see if I can find that discussion.


I meant the intervene/something else suggestion and they were more personality stats


that’s because democracy basicaly remove any and all input you have as a god, it’s useless to select champion and all that stuff if the goblins can just chose to vote for someone else and it wouldn’t be a systeme that push the goblins to make a lot of offrand to you

that and democracy is kinda boring but practical IRL already and it’s already the systeme we are under, so there is no real point to make the goblins use that systeme


As I said already


I think that’s a great suggestion. I like the idea that a job will give more options and add flavour text. When it comes to stats, I first have to come up with stats first lol.

So far what I’ve been planning in the outline (and it’s subject to revision) is that players will choose between three overarching government types: Theocracy, Republic and a Feudal Kingdom. (The champion you choose will be excellent in one type of government but terrible in another)

I have to caution that this game is not nation-building simulator. The player is a god and not an absolute leader of the Goblin Lands. Even the current six gods can’t simply dictate what their creation must do.

If I did that then any other job option will be considerably less desirable. But thanks for the suggestion.

That will definitely be considered interfering with the lives of the mortals. The Divine Council will likely put an end to that by asking you to stop.

Thanks for spotting it. I’ll have to fix that after the weekend, when I get my laptop back.

You’ll find out later that even the Gnome Republic doesn’t live up to the ideals of Jonathan.

I do have a plan on the MC gaining spells as they further control their powers. But I’m still not sure how far I’ll take it.

That’s a pretty cool idea. I like it but I can’t promise that I’ll add it in the story. I’ll have to see but thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see when I edit that part.

Democracy is the best system of government for the people, it also happens to be the worst system of government for tyrants :grin:. At least according to Bruce Bueno de Mesquita (I recommend his book ‘The Dictators Handbook’)

Very much true. There’s a reason why the gods decided not to intervene in the lives of mortal. The gods knew this could lead to abuse and mortals will be forced into fight each other under the whims of the gods. Thus a rule restricting direct interference was introduced.

The Divine Council is going to be lenient for now while the MC is trying to unite the goblins but afterwards, they will not tolerate direct interference.


Do you want to know more? Service guarantee citizenship!


Starship Troopers isn’t exactly a good representation of what i would go for.

That movies type of government while it seemed to be a take on a Militaristic Citizen Stratocracy seemed to be more involving with Facism to me. But the movie is goofy so who knows?

Considering our people seem to be smaller in number after what the elves did If I am remembering correctly, I would probably have it set that everyone as they’re coming of age has to serve for a little while in the Military before they go off and do other things with their life. (If we were to unite anyways seeing as we wake up they’re apparently all scattered tribes.)