Atheina: A Story of the Gods (WIP) [REVAMPED CHAPTER ONE; 21 August 2019]

I think it’s the Dwarves, not the Gnomes that has the most active god. I believe the Dwarves’ god loves to drink with them since he brought over an ale and we could drink it if it was offered.

Kreon tried, but Apseudes argued that they can’t be punished since there’s nothing in the divine rules saying you can’t use chemical weapons.

Basically they got off scot-free since their god used a loophole that since there wasn’t anything yet in the rules outlawing it, they can’t be punished. While the banning of chemical weapons henceforth might seems like a good thing, this practically means we can’t use chemical weapons against them as a form of revenge. How convenient for them…


I’m talking politically he is the most meddlesome

One could say that it’s both that god and the Elves’ goddess since she basically manipulated the other goddess into voting for her side when we went to the palace to speak with the others. The Dwarf god also asked us to vote a certain way because it would save everyone alot of time so I’d say he’s savvy about it as well.

It’s been a while since I read this story but I do remember being annoyed by getting dragged into their political games.


I said this once already but how the goblin champions are all introduced the ones you don’t choose die

The elves were not punished due to a 3-3 tie vote on whether they should be punished, after this it was decree though that no one would ever use again chemical weapons, or they would be punished by he gods

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True, but the fact that there’s even a vote at all was because of Apseudes. Chloe, smart cookie that she is, probably already know how the dynamics between the players works and banked on the fact the six of them can’t make a decision since they would almost always tied. Be it that because of personal reason or just plain loyalty to the club they previously belong. This seems suspect since when tied they default to not punishing the elves.

From outside it might seem that it was a democratic process involving all the gods. Truth is…the game vote was rigged from the start.

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Not really, it was never stated who brang up the idea of a vote and it doesn’t really make sense for Chloe to bring it up because the elves wouldn’t have been punished anyway because there’s no rule against it. I’m guessing it was Johnathan to bring up a vote since they pretty much hate each other and he probably was hoping to one up her.


Ah, there’s no divine rule against it, but considering they were all former humans from earth it would make sense for them to unconsciously still follow earth’s law. Even if there’s no divine rule stating it, deep down they would already know that this is monstrous and is against earth’s rule of war. Deep down they know that this is wrong, being former earthling and all.

It would also make sense for Chloe to be the one to bring up the vote since otherwise she has no ground to stand on prohibiting Kreon from punishing them (besides the loophole that we all know is absolute bull). Singlehandedly deciding to stop Kreon when the rest of the pantheon know that what the elves did is worthy of punishment would out her for being a tyrant. It would further increase unrest amongs the gods, since we know that some of them won’t like how Apseudes holds authority over all the five realms, and could potentially be the move that would put all of the other gods against her. Besides, if she doesn’t decide to go for a vote, then what? She’s going to fight against Kreon when it is he who holds the moral high ground? Even if she won, the rest of the pantheon won’t be happy with it.


They’ve been gods for 300 years, they can barely remember Earth or their names. So we don’t know how they feel or anything about their morality and the fact there is a tie in the vote, means it’s not good.

Yes she does have ground to stand on, which is there’s no rule disallowing chemical weapons, they didn’t break any rules weather it was moraly just or not. Also it was a tie so not really, 2 of the pantheon besides Chloe agreed they weren’t breaking any laws and shouldn’t be punished.

We don’t really know how the other gods feel about Apseudes authority over the five realms, which she doesn’t really have she only has jurisdiction on the elven realms, besides Kreon who only does anything to one up Apseudes.

Again I doubt it had anything to do with Kreons morality and mostly to do with him wanting to mess with her and punishing her elves seemed like a nice opportunity, because that’s all he’s been shown doing so far when he became a god. Also it wasn’t just Apseudes vs Kreon, it involved the rest and an even split believed they shouldn’t be punished so no, only the people who sided with Kreon would’ve been slightly unhappy because they probably didn’t lose sleep over it.

At the end of the day we don’t know enough until Darkner starts writing again on the story. All we can do is speculate.


we can’t use chemical weapons against them as a form of revenge

And if the PC decides to, who’s gonna stop them?

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That would be a 6 on 1 fight, and right now the PC is weakest among them. Also a law has been stablish against chemical weapons it will only hurt your followers if you give them the go to use it.

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As far as I remember there are no rules against using EXTERMINATUS on the elfs


did he qiute the best wip ever

Techincally I think with Operation Salty Tears, we are going to help the Goblins reunite under one banner then possibly have them declare all out war on the Elves.

All of the content that’s been written seems to be setting up the MC on the path of total war and supremacy over the other gods.

I’m not sure if the author has confirmed this or not, but could the other gods actually harm one other considering they can only create things and we’re the only god that can bring destruction.


What the hell do they expect? Isn’t the PC the only one who can only destroy, not create? It’s like creating something ravenous and expecting it not to consume everything.


Yes the others can’t destroy, but they can seal you. Also you need to keep in mind that you’re in the world of a tabletop rpg, and in that kind of world the rules are absolute. So you’ll have no choice but to follow it.

Like I mention before the others gods can’t really harm on another but they cans create a seals. @Darkner have mentioned this before.

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Eh, who cares. Rules exist to be broken. At least by the OP.


It would we cool appear like physically to our people??

Is he still working on it