Assistance with a project creating item names and/or descriptions


I’m creating a Role-playing game based on the Gorillaz called Battle of the bands. I haven’t figured out the exact system I want to use but basically Kusanagi twins battle from the Scott Pilgrim movie in each competition. So far here’s the money system (input accepted)

Right now onto the band. Each album is a twenty five grand payment. Five grand going to managers. That leaves a four person band with five grand each or however you choose to divide it. You start off with fifty thousand dollars signing bonus. Which youll automatically spend in our store check the other notice. You as a band are responsible for six shows a year minimum and one album a year. Each show when you reach superstar status is five million. But starting off you get ten grand per show.

I haven’t thought of interesting names like The Bass of Unending Sorrow or what not but I do have a few studios.

The Noodle Shop:

Sewer maintenance office -5000
Former Meth Lab RV-10000
Funeral home recording studio- 20000
Run down apartments in da hood-40000
Rundown Pizza Place / murder site 45000
Ordinary recording studio 50000


This looks… nice. I bet.


Basically I try to imagine everything as if it could come from a Gorillaz music video.