Assassin's Mark (WIP, need testers!)

Hello, everyone. My father and I are currently working on a new story together, named Assassin’s Mark. It will be the first of a series of books set in the world of Zeurith, a robust world with a rich history and an extensive landscape. We are progressing at a fast rate. I won’t post any spoilers pertaining to the story, but the general idea is that you’re seeking revenge against the king for a traumatic event in your life.

We are already looking for testers. We have five slots open for testers as of right now, and we would appreciate feedback. You may visit our website and apply for testing at and can also join the forums and post in the general discussion branch if you don’t get into the alpha version of the testing.

Is this a choicescript game?

Yes, it is :slight_smile:

Oh good. Good luck with it.

Thanks, I appreciate that. Feel free to apply for a spot in the testing group.

Sorry but I’m too busy. I’ve already a back log of games I’m meant to be testing, as well as being busy this month writing my own. I’m sure lots of people will jump on the chance to test though.

Alright. Well if you change your mind, go ahead and apply. We would welcome an experienced tester.

Just applied


Applied. (My username on the website is FallenAngel.)

Ah, applied before I saw that you required forum registration, oops.

Well good luck, joining a forum on the off chance I’m selected to playtest seems a little too hoopish for me though.

@stsword: No problem, we aren’t being draconian about the forum signup. It is just to provide a place for people to talk about the game before it is released.

Isn’t hat what this is for?

Eww, I wanted to but the whole forum thin’ and the enter fields thin’… I dun like it.

@God_of_Demonz, @Bagelthief: We don’t want discussions of the game to be public until the game is shipping, and this is a public form.

Thank you to all that applied, we have reached our limit of testers for this phase. We will post again on this topic when we have a need for more testers.

Well since you chose me, I signed up for the forum, but I cannot find the thread to respond in, is it hiding or not set up yet?

@stsword We’re having a few issues with our internet currently; we will raise your account privileges as soon as we can. In the meantime, mail feedback to us at or and we will get back to you. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Are you still up for testing sorry its really late