Aspects of a Nation - Representing a Nation through Stats

So for a Wip I am working on you have four main character stats. Charisma, Combat, Intelligence and Stealth.

These four stats determine your proficiency in certain activities. Combat relating to all things combat related from personal combat skill to combat tactics, etc.

Charisma relates to your ability to read people and influence them.

Intelligence, in my wip at least will pertain primarily to business endeavors and logistics, alongside your overall theoretical knowledge on all manner of things like Geography, mathematics, etc.

Usually, decisions will check one stat, sometimes it will check a secondary stat to see if you succeed.

These four stats, also represent four main aspects of your nation.

Charisma represents Diplomacy (Specifically foreign relations)
Combat represents Military
Intelligence represents the Economy

My main problem here is stealth. What can stealth represent nationally? When I think of stealth, I think of spying, gathering information, etc. It has to be a beneficial stat too, so it can’t be something like crime or anything.

Any ideas?


Assassinations/Capture of world leaders during war which will lead to the nation’s victory.
Spying other nations on information which could affect ur nation’s affairs,as u said
Mingling with common people without getting caught so as to ascertain the needs of the common people
If ur nation has problems like illegal drugs, to trace it to the roots without blowing up ur cover

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Stability. Protecting national security. Spying. Media. Damage control (in a political sense). Internal loyalty.

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Your stats remind me of the main stats for a ruler in the computer game Crusader Kings II. These are diplomacy, martial, stewardship, intrigue and also learning (which you don’t have an equivalent for). Intrigue mostly comes into play for plots, which includes plotting assassination, but there are also plots for claiming titles or stuff like that.
It’s also what comes into play for resisting plots.

Not that you want to copy an existing game, but there could be room for inspiration if you’re so inclined :slight_smile:
You could extend this to general espionage and spying, and also counterespionage.