As Gods Fall (WIP - UPDATED 10/07 - 70k words in demo)

Well took a bit longer than anticipated but the day has finally come to step out of the shadows. For the past few months I’ve been drafting, writing, coding and generally looking for ways to implement my overly ambitious creation into IF form. And from that As Gods Fall was born.

You are a Peacekeeper: an officer of the law upholding order in the last city of a dying world. Along with a new partner it is your job to find the one responsible for murdering a being once considered eternal. Become part of a unique modern fantasy world shaped by over a thousand years of history and uncover parts of it never before seen by mortal eyes.

Gameplay and features
  • Play as one of 5 distinct races, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Pick between smart and resourceful humans, physically unstoppable werewolves, graceful and kind fairies, elementally potent demons or shapeshifting formis.
  • Customize and build your character. From their looks through their skills and attributes to their personality.
  • Approach problems with brute force, swift hand, sharp mind or quick tongue using an attribute based stat system.
  • Take advantage of a unique active ability system to overcome challenges.
  • Investigate crime scenes, interrogate witnesses, discover the city’s secrets and sins of its creators.
  • Experience a city on the brink of collapse and help control the panic, or add fuel to the fire.
  • Find rivalries, friendships and romance as you embark on 4 character journeys.
  • Find a way to stop the ongoing apocalypse or let the decay finish its job.
The world

The world of Etr was always driven forth by conflict. Be it the wars of its first era, the technological race of the second, or the fight for survival in its current era. Once a land full of life and wonders, it is now plagued by an unstoppable force that is the decay as it ravages all in its path. The only place safe from it: Citadel City is a boiling pot of those that remain. Full of life and dangers as the last representatives of surviving races try to live together despite centuries of bad blood between some of them. A city where magic of old coexists alongside the cold steel and concrete of modern technology.

Love interests
  • Coren Ashver: Coren’s life was always an uphill battle. As a demi born of human and demon parents he spent his childhood as an outcast. Wishing to follow in his dead father’s footsteps he joined the force and eventually signed up for an experimental enhancement program before becoming your new partner.
  • Erinwehulda Drakebraid (Eri): Erinwehulda’s the smartest forensic your precinct has. Seen as eccentric by most of your colleagues she prefers to stick to herself and her inventions. Now it’s your turn to get past the aloofness and work with her as you tackle the big case.
  • Mesar Nemo: Mesar’s the definition of a free spirit. A werewolf born into royalty and set to take over the clan in a few years. There’s a lot resting on his shoulders which he learned to push aside by chasing the rush of adrenaline. Now that his patron deity is gone will he step up to fill the hole?
  • Paoni Crowelo: To Paoni information is power and a tool used to maintain balance in a world gone mad. She sees herself as a caretaker of the city and its people and as the city’s biggest information broker there is nothing that goes by her. What secrets will her intel uncover as she aids you in your case?

You can play the publicly available demo consisting of the prologue and day 1 (39.9k words total/~21.9k per playthrough) here:

I also made a discord server where it’s easier for me to organize feedback and bug reports which you can join here: Aokotori Games

And also I got a Patreon, which is here:


Looks awesome! I am excited for it.


Found an issue

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Nice catch. I’ll fix it in a second


Liking what I’m seeing so far but I do want to ask what we’re looking at with the stats. How many can we effectively build up? 2? 3? Or maybe 1 main stat with 2 sub stats or what have you?

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Over the course of the game you will get about 40 points to distribute so it will be possible to either max out 2 stats or get a decent spread among more than that.


At a glance, this looks really cool, and frankly, the fact that there’s a shapeshifting race to choose, practically solidified I will try this out at some point in the near future!

Edit: I ended up trying it out immediately, I’m a fan, I’m very interested in seeing where it goes, and I can definitely see myself replaying it as different characters over time, the world that was built intrigues me quite a bit!


Found a coding error! No matter which name you select from the options given, it always directs you to input a custom name on the next page.


Huh did not realize it since I put in the names as pretty much the last thing. Fixed now.


Load function isn’t working properly.

The function does appear to be working on my end. What exactly is the bug? Maybe something related to your browser or dashingdon ifself rather than the game. I will keep it in mind though.


Ooooo it’s so unique I love it!!!


Bigby vibes

I played the shapeshifter race.

I assumed a demonic form for the first day, considering my new partner is a demon, it seems odd that he didn’t comment about it.

And since I was in demonic form, I should have gotten that charisma bonus when trying to talk to that witness who was in shock. I didn’t, according to the text, it rated me at a 4 instead of a 5.

Also, giving the option to activate the charisma bonus from shapeshifting to get a +2 to a charisma check shouldn’t be hidden in the stats page, it should be offered when a charisma check comes up.


Your partner was informed ahead you are part of the shapeshifter race (hence the squeeze to verify you are when you meet him). I believe it was mentioned in dialogue during your talk with him, if optionally.

Your charisma and persuasion are separate stats. One is based on the other, but they are not equal. Persuasion is a calculated based on your charisma and to a lesser extend intelligence (or strength in case of intimidation). For a base formis with a demonic mask those stats are:

This is fair, but active abilities alter different kinds of stats and can be used at any point since they also can affect passive checks which occur automatically in certain scenarios, which means that you can use an ability in expectation of something rather than at the exact moment you see a check. If not for rules against altering the Choicescript module I would integrate an additional button on the top next to stats to make them more visible.

Still thank you for feedback.


It was. That was also not my point.

My point, again, is that my character was in demon form, and it seems odd that my demonic new partner doesn’t comment about that.

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You mean that he should be somehow angry at MC for assuming a demon form? Because Coren is not a full blooded demon and aside from a few exceptions in his closest family doesn’t have much love for either side of his bloodline. Another thing is that he was just introduced to his new partner/superior officer and making any sort of remarks wouldn’t be the wisest of ideas.

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Say are werewolves in this world like humans that can transform into wolfs or do they stay in their bipedal wolf form all the time?

They don’t transform

They are a separate species from human. Bipedal with a full coat of fur and snouted face. They do not transform.

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