Artists Needed for Children's Books!


Hi all! For anyone who doesn’t know me, I recently finished an entry for the contest here, a comedic (in theory at least) sci-fi story called Nuclear Powered Toaster. I’ve decided to try and experiment with publishing some conventional stuff on Amazon as well, and to that end I am looking for people interested in illustrating several children’s books I have written. Because the amount of money to be made is unsure (and likely not to be extremely high, at least at first), this would be good for people interested in exposure or just getting in some paid practice. Money split is easy: 50/50 for everything earned aside from whatever the platform takes first.

Since this is experimental, I’m looking to do different artists and/or art styles for each book to see what works best. So feel free to respond even if someone else has. If you’re interested I’ll let you know what projects are still unclaimed.

So any questions, comments, or criticisms for this plan, feel free to drop them here.


This was the first image result for “nuclear powered toaster” on Google:


Once upon a time the old site would have been the first result. Sometimes I am sad I let it lapse. Other times I remember that as cheap as it was, I still wasn’t doing anything with it for years, and didn’t know how to keep it up anyhow since our webmaster wasn’t available anymore.


Sounds like you need a Nuclear Powered Webmaster


Not anymore, I canceled the site and some spam blog has now.


Figure I will put this back out there, see if anyone is interested. Just think: only have to do the art once, at your own pace, and then you sit back and reap the rewards indefinitely. Not bad, eh?


Can i dm you for more info?