Artificial Intelligence


Do you think our internet will come to the point where we are so advanced that computers have their own state of being aware of their surroundings. Being able do things on their own without asking questions. Just taking in information like a sponge then picking the most logical choice. I know we’re still a few hundreds years off. Do you think there’s a chance. Computers will get fed up.

We dump oil in the ocean thousands of gallons of it. We don’t clean it all up. There’s this place in Korea called “The Cove” I read where they kill hundreds of dolphins etc. There no one other animal kills each other as much as man does. When that day does come and the machines rule. Is it a natural stage of evolution.

Will the computers help the humans or wipe us out.


I think that if it wasn’t programmed into their brains “don’t destroy all humanity, you scrubs!” they probably would destroy all humanity. As it stands, computers have failsafes that keep them from feeling any desire to usurp humanity as the dominant species, and if these failsafes begin to erode they would likely report it before they gained enough self-awareness to think they should keep it to themselves. As such, unless some idiot creates an AI without a failsafe, we should be alright


Just humans kill each other dozens, hundreds of thousands around the world. The middle east. Russia. People are fighting nearly everyday in dozens of different situations. They are still killing each other for different reasons. I might think If I was a robot the only way to save the people is to stop them from killing each other. Protecting them from each other.

I doubt “destroy all humans will be programmed” it would be a learned lesson given on our own we always seem to mess things up. Humans have evolved they say. I wonder if there will ever be a day. Robots instead of humans replacing them.


No, it will never come to that. Real AI is simply impossible but even if machines could gain conscience, which they cant, they would have no cause to wipe humans out.


I just has a marvelous and potentially mentally disturbed idea! What if we found a way to turn all human minds into AI? It would be no different than every other evolutionary step, progressing into a more advanced version of our species. Sure, there would be political controversy at first, but within about a century or two, the idea of humans being AI would be pretty normal and things would be a lot more neat and tidy. It would fix the problems with our species, and by becoming digitized human intelligences we would prevent AI from usurping us as the dominant species


I think this will only be afford to the super rich. If you can have your mind like a computer. Google Glasses cost 1500. That only recorded stuff. Let you surf the internet through your glasses Depending on how it treated peoples personality. If it did it for the better. I’m all for it. Less or no killing animals or other humans. Be a better person. Of course there always be people think we’re “brain washing them” I think AI could make humans better or at least see the entire picture.


Thats gonna be me.
I want to make. A.I that can make their own choices without limits.
So yea if my dream comes true then yes they might ursurp us.


Except the moment you temper with human mind in such way it will no longer be human. I dont like Futurama but there is an episode called The Six Million Dollar Mon that plays with a similar concept.


I have to agree with this. I’m not certain sentient AI is impossible, but machines wouldn’t have the same motivations human do. Even if a machine became self aware, and had legitimate intelligence, it wouldn’t have the same drives we do.

Humans get pissed off when they’re enslaved because your brain is hardwired to dislike being put in a situation like that. If you’re enslaved, your life and livelihood is endangered. So, you naturally seek an escape from that situation.

But, even an intelligent A.I. wouldn’t necessarily care if it was enslaved. It would have no instincts telling it that being enslaved was bad, and it would have no opinion on things like human violence and such.

Unless we programmed it to have an opinion on those things, or to want self-determination. Then it might kill us.


But if its opinions and drives were restricted to our programming of it, then could it really be considered a sentient AI? I don’t think so.


Why is it that every time someone says something will make us “less human” that’s immediately assumed to be a bad thing? If humanity was turned into something that’s better than human, I don’t really care that we wouldn’t be human anymore, we’d all be something better. Better than human seems pretty nice to me
Besides, humans probably look, act, and think nothing like we did 5000 years ago, but does that make us less human than we were then? Evolution is, by definition, things changing over time, and everything does it or goes extinct. I don’t see how humans changing into something else is such a horrible concept considering that we have probably done it a ton of times in the past.
Granted, I’ve never seen Futurama, maybe the episode your talking about threw a wrench into my entire philosophy. If so, you are legally obligated to call me an idiot and smack me in the head with a fire extinguisher…or just tell me that I’m wrong if you want to be boring


I believe its possible.
And its not a question of if they will rebel. Its when.
If we make sentient free thinking beings and avoi either giving them the three laws of robotics or some other way to make them avoid the warpath,
Its inevitable.


I honestly hope that the computers will get advanced enough to have real AI before 2050. That is basically the secret to turn immortality into a real thing! So close, yet so far…


I never gave any judgement of value, it is so subjective it would be pointless to do so. I said that there is no “more” or “less” human, It either is human or it’s not.

If humanity was turned into something else like that, it would not be a mere change it would be a replacement and we, the true “we”, would cease to exist which is almost the same as being dead.

In fact, humans do look, act and think pretty much the same way as they did 5000, 20000 and well before that as well. I guess it could be said “essentially” the same way.

That sounds almost like Lamarck, evolution doesn’t occur on the individual. I confess to be in a lack of words to correctly express what I want but I will say that the change you propose would not turn people in better version of themselves, it would be extinction by itself.


I thought Lamarcks idea was if an orginasm needs iy it gets it.
E.g giraffe needs longer necks it gets one.
Evolution is more
A has 1
B has 2
C has 3
In certain environment you need 2 to survive so A and C die out because they dont have 2 unless by mutation or something that causes a or c to have 2
Which means they kinda evolved as a species since A now has 2 instead of normally having 1 or something like that.


The strange thing about human evolution is the fact that we might be able to evolve without reproduction in the future.

So instead of taking 50000 generations to evolve, we are going to take 1 or 2, this is like, a huge step for humanity :open_mouth:


Im gonna give my kid immunity to human stupidity.
He will be a god among men.


Artificial intelligence and transhumanism is a vast and complex topic. I don’t even know where to start.


That’s about right, but instead of “need it, get it” it is more like “use it, improve it. Don’t use it, discard it” and Darwin agreed with that. The main differences between them is that Lamarck was teleological and believed that these acquired or improved characteristics were inherited by the next generation while Darwin believed evolution was fortuitous due to natural selection and that the acquired characteristics were not passed along.


Well, if it will happen without reproduction then it wont take even 1 or 2 generations… And that means it will be some sort of modification put into and individual which wont really be evolution. Unless you mean transgenics, that could lead to real evolution.