Arthurian Tale: Camelot [July 24 2022]



I really like this WIP so far! The descriptions were pretty straightforward and clear, without attempting at overly flowery prose. Morgana seems wonderful and I can’t wait to romance Lancelot behind my husband’s back! Though, and this has been brought up before, without the possibility of children, natural or otherwise, what’s the purpose of MC marrying A/E? Like, I really respect that they don’t want children and are hard set on it (that topic usually isn’t brought up in IF or VNs so it was a pleasant surprise here) but it feels like it would be more appropriate to have a ward/hostage situation instead of marriage, if A/E is worried about a potential uprising from our father.


Marriage alliances can be about influencing the throne. Maneuvering the MC to be the spouse in order to have more control and power with the throne and in the kingdom.:woman_facepalming: It comes with high favor. Consort to the Queen/King is something fought over. It is a position of power. Regardless of the baby situation.


About Kay announcing that he will be watching the MC’s room, I was surprised that we are not given an option about feeling offended by what Kay is implying, especially because my MC does not want to be there at all. Kay even makes it as rude as possible by saying it while someone else is standing there.

When the MC’s father is leaving and we choose a hug, a bow, ignoring him, etc, I thought it could be nice to have an option about trying to convince him to attend the wedding he wants my MC to accept. It made everything more depressing that only strangers were there, I wanted to ask the MC’s father to at least try to attend.

When we choose why the MC married Elaine:
Why did you really marry Elaine?
She is a king, and therefore worthy of me.


Good point, great suggestions, thank you. And thanks for pointing that out.

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