Arthurian Tale: Camelot [153k] [Sep 29 2023]

Why is it that when Morgana asks why we won’t marry Arthur the only choices available are to do with feelings and not the answer we pick to the question “Why did you decline the marriage?”

I declined becuase my MC want children and Arthur doesn’t and none of that had to do with feelings.


Lol, how did he react to you the next day? Did he say he was unsure how he felt or did he reject you? And when he left he should have spoken to you as well or smiled at you or something, did that happen? (I changed the stats, so they might be a bit unbalanced. I am testing it, but want to double-check what’s happening is what I expect.)

Not if you did lie. But you can mitigate it. You should know your father is working against Camelot though, since he does mention it a lot in Chapter One. It won’t be brought up nearly as frequently in Chapter 3 though I can see how it’s a bit annoying.

Ah, yes, I’ll add that to my to-do list.


Time in this game confuses me because it doesn’t feel like that much time passes because everything is happening so fast but then I look at the stats and I’m 20 like huh what’s going on? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well that’s a mistake. You should only be 18 by the end of chapter 2, I must have coded something weird. I’ll investigate that and fix it once I’ve balenced the stats a bit more.

At the end instead of going to the actual end of the demo, it kinda continues

Yeah that’s just a loop.

Also, going for Elaine+Lunnete, is it possible for a poly(i.e. making Lunnete a concubine) or is it going to stay as an affair.
Cause personally even if Arthur/Elaine don’t want a blood heir for Camelot(which it’s their title so I can’t complain) but, I’d atleast want one for my domain.

It will be an affair. Btw trying to fix the loop now, hopefully an update won’t ruin saves. On seconds thoughts, I’ll update in a while once the balancing is finished.

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Okay, updated it anyway, it was an easy fix. The age should be correct now that you can’t loop once the demo is over.

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You’re an outsider from a different kingdom, so they are already fairly suspicious of you to begin with. They don’t know if you really lied or not, but they don’t fully trust you after only knowing you for such a short time. You’re not really being punished, the characters are just reacting realistically to your father’s actions and looking to you.


Hmm maybe I should look through what I’ve written and make it sound a bit less accusatory after the confrontation has passed.

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Ah thanks, noted.

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Ahhh…I really love arranged marriage ROs. Too bad Ellaine doesn’t want to have any children. While I don’t have any right to be mad at her or cheat on her because there are actually individuals who don’t want to have offspring, can I still take my chances and ask whether we can convince her in the future?

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She won’t change her mind, sorry.


Ahhh…too bad. Ok it’s alright dude

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Just curious what people are thinking at this point in the story. I know there’s not a huge amount of romance content just yet but hopefully there’s enough in the story for people to have an idea which character currently interest them the most :slight_smile:

Who do you want to romance first?
  • Arthur/Elaine
  • Kay
  • Morgana
  • Lunete
  • Lancelot

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my two favorite characters are in last place :moyai:


I really like how you managed to make the arthurien mythos somewhat feel fresh (for me at least). It really feel new except for the characters names or some ref to the myth. I also greatly appreciate how inclusive it is !

Now I do have some constructive feedbacks. I won’t repeat what others said about the pacing being too fast, as they said it better then me. Rather another point I wanted to bring up is the worldbuilding let say ? My opinion is strongly influenced by me playing lot of fantasy historical and more grounded and gritty IF, as well as too many hours passed on Crusader King III. And since your world seem to favor escapism and inclusivity I will try to avoid giving unnecessary feedbacks about accuracy or what not.

But when I played for the first time I did expect the world to more or less follow feodality and what it imply. Seeing as this is still medieval inspired and that the game does not elaborate on how it work and if it’s different. Sure same sex couple and magic pregnancy is possible but nothing was said about how titles and lineage work, and most importantly that they worked differently then historically.

So when the fact Arthur/Elaine does not want children was brought up I was a bit taken aback that everyone wasn’t more shocked by it. But since adoption and such are common I wasn’t so much shock by him not wanting children but rather deviating from what I assumed was the common way to get an heir. Like get a young child by any mean, and raise it to not only be competent but also loyal to you. Where the way Ector said it make it seem like Arthur/Elaine want to choose the best “adult” candidate and not raise the child themself.
And that would have actually been fine for me.

If that didn’t carry the implication my dynasty would die and my title would go to an heir whose loyalty could be questioned.

Let me explain. We know we are the only child of our father and do not know if he has relatives (loyal one that like us most importantly) and even then that would be a lose of power for us. When I learned that Arthur did not want children (I did not assit to the wedding negotiation the first time) I wish I could have asked my father “What about our titles ?” Like if I’m marry to Arthur then the heir he chose will legally be my heir too, right ? Thus I assumed having no other information that my titles would likely go to them. And it just seem like we got the short end of the stick if we care about politic and power (which my MC do)

As it will first be Arthur/Elaine heir. And without the meta knowlege that they would likely be fair to us and let us have a say, we would have all the reasons to be wary. If Arthur/Elaine chose the heir then it would make sense that the child would be loyal to them and Camelot first and put it interest before the one of our kingdom. Worse the heir would have a solid claim on our too ! Making them and the Crown even more poweful as they now have control over two kingdoms. And any powerful vassal worth their salt know the importance of having a powerful liege but not enough that it could lead to and absolute monarch being possible.

So I decide to assit to the wedding negotiation and was disappointed that there wasn’t any choices to bring up this problem. As we clearly are not considered allies, the fact no one greeted us as is tradition told me everything I needed to know and that affected my behavior. I decided to play a politically savvy MC that is very dutiful and truly care about her kingdom. So I refused the marriage because I saw it as a quite blatant attempt at taking away our titles and killing any chance our dynasty have. Which is absolutely fine, again, It’s quite clear we are no longer enemies but not allies either. We have lost after all, but I really wished for an option to try an bargain for us being allowed to have another heir—not Arthur/Elaine heir— one who will inherit our titles only and who could be chosen and raise by us if we wish. Of course they would be the vassal of Arthur/Elaine heir, but now we know our lineage and power won’t belong entirely to Camelot.

If that condition was fulfilled then I would happily accept the marriage. Also if they refuse to let us have an heir (which is understandable) then refuse but get a chance to explain to our father all of that problem and reassure him that we have a plan. And just generally add choices that let us refuse the marriage for purely pragmatic or political reasons, as well as when we explain that decision to others.

Of course all of this could have a reasons because of worldbuilding but I felt the need to bring up how I saw the situation with the informations I was given as a player.

As one thing that did annoy me a bit is how everyone (and the game itself by the lack of choices) assume we rejected the match only because of our feelings. And I just wanted to say so bad that if they want courtly love good for them…but I am a princess. Not a naive young maiden looking for a gallant knight, despite me being sheltered. I am a future Queen. A politician and ruler first and foremost and I refused that match because I found it would not benefit me and my kingdom. As who tell me Arthur/Elaine heir will treat my people as well as an heir I chose and is loyal to me ? As I am (understandably) not trusted, why should I put so much trust in people that were my enemies not long ago ?

Last small thing, I wish we could sass back at Kay and Merlin more about them not trusting us. Like I wish to remain loyal to Arthur/Elaine because I know that it’s the best for my kingdom (right now) ? Surely they must know that while still powerful my father couldn’t defeat them, so I’m not arrogant enough to think I have a chance. I wish I could tell them in a deadpan voice that the feeling is absolutely mutual and that I will do what’s best for my people and that I know that right now it’s serving Arthur/Elaine and that if they prove a good Monarch then I WILL follow them. Kind of like making them understand that contrary to my father who is bent on being their enemy I CAN be an ally if they prove themselve trustworthy. Like c’mon I’m willing to make an effort but the both of them don’t seem to understand that they have too ? Especially Kay, I wish I could talk back to him when he disrespect us, like for his mocking comment during the siege, when we ask who will protect us. We are not completely equal with Kay and Merlin but we aren’t just a small baron either so I wish we could impose ourself more.

I may be a prisonner but I’m still a future Queen and a powefull vassal. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for the feedback, I will be considering your points. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome ! :slight_smile: I hope I didn’t come up as too harsh I tend to make detailed feedback for game I like and your seem really promising so far.