Arthurian Tale: Camelot [153k] [Sep 29 2023]



I really like this WIP so far! The descriptions were pretty straightforward and clear, without attempting at overly flowery prose. Morgana seems wonderful and I can’t wait to romance Lancelot behind my husband’s back! Though, and this has been brought up before, without the possibility of children, natural or otherwise, what’s the purpose of MC marrying A/E? Like, I really respect that they don’t want children and are hard set on it (that topic usually isn’t brought up in IF or VNs so it was a pleasant surprise here) but it feels like it would be more appropriate to have a ward/hostage situation instead of marriage, if A/E is worried about a potential uprising from our father.


Marriage alliances can be about influencing the throne. Maneuvering the MC to be the spouse in order to have more control and power with the throne and in the kingdom.:woman_facepalming: It comes with high favor. Consort to the Queen/King is something fought over. It is a position of power. Regardless of the baby situation.


Good point, great suggestions, thank you. And thanks for pointing that out.

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If memory serves early on you had said you wouldn’t change Arthur not wanting children, I assume it will be the same for Elaine.

So would it be possible if you married Elaine to adopt children?

Ah yeah sorry, Arthur and Elaine will not want children at any point.

Ok thanks for clarifying

I suppose Arthur/Elaine not wanting children can be used as a legitimate reason not to marry them if everyone asks the MC why they didn’t go for it.


Progress Update

No update this month. I plan to make Chapter 2 public around this time next month; I’ll also update any fixes/additional choices I’ve added to the first chapter then. I’ve spent most of August on Chapter 3 and it’s around 1/3 of the way done. Next month you’ll also see a change in the way the stat page displays relationships which is hopefully more immersive than just numbers.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Really good game and and enjoyed playing it. Can’t wait until chapter 2 is out


Chapter 2 Added!

Hey folks!

For some reason, I decided to make a huge branch in this chapter. The outcome of this choice should eventually carry on throughout the rest of the game. It also adds a nice bit of replayability and a good chance for varied roleplay.

I’ve changed how relationships are shown in the stat page, it may need some balancing in future updates. You will likely need to start a new save to avoid confusion.

Let me know your thoughts and point out any mistakes or choices I could add or any inconsistencies. All feedback is incredibly useful and insightful.

Update Info

Added Chapter 2!
Wordcount: 77k
Without code: 71k

Stats Page:

Added to the Q&A section in preparation of incoming romance content.

Changed how the stat page shows relationships.

Chapter One:

Added reaction choices to Kay keeping you from A/E at night.

Added a reaction to A/E’s hand hold.

Added a reaction to father leaving.

Added more reasons for marrying.

++ General spelling/grammar/code fixes.

What will be in Chapter Three?

This chapter will really begin to brew up the romances and give you some more time to dedicate to building friendships or alliances. There will be a great chance to manipulate a character’s opinions about Arthur/Elaine permanently. You can also pick your religious beliefs in this chapter, which will open up an exclusive scene for each belief; if you choose to explore it.


So does Morgana always go for Accolon, I didn’t marry Elaine and expressed interest in Morgana, but nothing has happened yet. Also is there only one [Court] choice for Morgana or am I missing one?

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Yeah, she always gets with him. But I wouldn’t worry about that, she is still romanceable. There aren’t many [Court] opportunities this chapter, so possibly yeah.


Just saw the Grieving Lover trope, how long is that gonna take lol. Will be disappointing not getting much content with her compared to the others since we have to wait for that to happen. Also I do think there should be some kind of acknowledgement if you expressed interest in her earlier.

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I really would’t worry about that haha. It resolves at the start of chapter 3. :slight_smile:


Is it really Grieving Lover then lol, sounds more like Grieving Friend/ my 2 day crush.

Eh, when you’re 16 your first kiss will feel like real love.


Forgot they were teens tbh, also I wanted to be her first kiss :cry:


I really enjoyed this story! It’s a really nice, interesting revision of King Arthur, I like that you can make him a Queen Elaine instead. So if you are a straight guy it gives another romance option. Super excited and can not wait for more of the story to be written up!

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Hey everyone :relaxed: Has anyone got any tips on how to romance Sir Kay? I know you have to refuse Arthur’s marriage proposal but he seems to loath my MC regardless of what I say or do :joy: He even fled my tent which traditionally is a bad sign! It seems Lunete is the only one worthy of his attention, which tbh does make me think twice about pursuing him :pensive: (personal choice I know it doesn’t bother a lot of folks but if I know a RO is already interested in someone else I tend to stay clear.)