Arthurian Tale: Camelot [153k] [Sep 29 2023]

I started a new game skipping directly to chapter 3 and there was no error this time, so I suppose the latest update broke previous saves.

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Ugh I don’t know if this is a error or something but didn’t the game say once we marry Arthur or Elaine, we will be locked out of romancing Kay or Morgana, because I am highly confuse how Kay out of no where say he want to court our mc and I have literally showed no romance interest to him but this showed up and the only thing I did was just choosing to spend more time with him platonically as brother in laws and nothing more and he is suggesting coutship when I am already married to Elaine and when I weirdly chose to accept out of curiousity, Elaine was not disturbed by it all??? @Cain_Abel


Yeah thats a mistake, whoops, will fix when I’m back

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I have one more question, which character is acceptable to the idea of have children natutally or magically or through adoption???

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Okay, should have fixed that hopefully, though a new save may be needed.

Every character aside from Arthur/Elaine are open to having children. Morgana is more inclined towards a magically created child since she is afraid of childbirth, though.


How is everyone feeling about the choices?

  • Good amount of total choices.
  • Too many total choices.
  • Not enough total choices.
  • Good amount of meaningful choices.
  • Too many meaningful choices.
  • Not enough meaningful choices.

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I hovered between “good amount” and “not enough” meaningful choices because it feels as if I’ve made some pretty meaningful choices…and not really been able to do much with them. My MC doesn’t really have any allies that are fully trusted, certainly not enough to tell that she saw Merlin manipulate the sword/stone event, and there appears to be no opportunity to keep an eye askance at Lancelot at all, which she would. I know that we can tell the MC’s father about Merlin, but no one with any sense would play their hand that early and without being entirely certain her letters out weren’t being read by someone, given that everyone’s been pretty open about not trusting MC (at least if you don’t marry Arthur, is it different on the paths where you do?)

So, anyway. I can’t really judge if there aren’t enough, truly; or if it’s my choices that are limiting them.


I gotta be honest, I don’t feel that the mc is making any impact on the story in any way, and the only thing the mc is affecting is just people opinions, and serving they father’s interest for the throne or helping Authur/Elaine in they duties, like there was so many opportunities for the mc branch out and do they own thing but it never came, I just hope the mc gains some character development because as of right now it doesn’t exist to the extent our words falled short when Accolon was killed and Authur/Elaine didn’t even listen us even when the mc choose to be they spouse


Where do you feel mc could have branched out?

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The mc could have a adventure of they own like be a knight of the round table or tag along with kay on that mission he went for or tried to manipulate both Authur/Elaine and they father into a alliance or take the throne for themselves or even become a advisor to Authur/Elaine and use them however they see fit to further the mc goals

Please I am sorry if u think I am asking you to remake your whole work but I am not doing that, I was just offering my opinion and the story you created is amazing but the mc just feels like a robot always doing what they told due to them being held captive in the kingdom or tied to the arrange marriage or as a obedient child to they father and never developing a goal or dream for themselves or given the opportunity to do so @Cain_Abel


Not at all, feedbacks useful :slight_smile:


For me biggest things was noticing Morgan and… I forget who dating and we don’t really have the chance to do anything about it, just opens up some flavor with them from what I recall. Which given that they deal with “better dead than before wed” Arthur/Elaine feels dissatisfying.

And we notice the sword in the stone but so far we’ve had the option to tell Lancelot who doesn’t care and father over a note, which is evidence of something definitely subversive and rather not write that down. Although so far the only person who I’d reasonably tell is the crown themselves since you can feel like they need to know on the helpful side or you can be driving a wedge between them and Merlin + not being worthy of the throne.


I have to second some of this, particularly wanting the MC to have something meaningful of their own to do. Right now MC is very much a side character in someone else’s story, which is fine, but it’s beginning to feel more like “I’m telling the story of the wallpaper” rather than “I’m telling the story of this person you thought was just an extra but is actually pretty interesting.”

(Personally, as I’ve always hated the Lancelot/Guinevere thing {couldn’t tell, could you? No way could you possibly tell!} I’d love to be able to be able to actually move against him/induce someone to keep an eye on him. There’s a lot that’s pretty unsavoury about the Lancelot story {for someone supposedly so “pure” he leaves quite a trail of broken hearts, screwed and screwed over princesses and dead women in his wake, not to mention and abandoned child [Galahad]} and oh, let’s not forget, has broken all of his vows when in regards to Arthur and Guinevere {although with Guinevere it is more because of Elaine’s of Corbenic’s trickery, it was still a betrayal, and one that resulted in Galahad’s birth.} Later he murders someone at a tournament to “protect” his illicit affair with Guinevere and it’s not the last time he kills someone to keep his secrets from coming to light. These men are either his brothers-in-arms of the Round Table or literally his kinsmen. Two of the three Elaines in the Arthurian tales are linked directly to {and generally die as a result of} Lancelot and his…activities {read as much distaste into that as you like.} I’m sure you know most of this, if not all of it, and some of it depends on the Cycle you read to source from. It just feels like everyone always takes the “courtly/chivalric” view of Lancelot, and there’s a lot of storytelling opportunity being missed because it’s never really acted upon literarily that Lancelot was NOT the knight that Merlin was supposed to take from the lake and to Arthur’s side, Galahad was.)


After a quick refresher playthrough I can say I definitely want an opportunity to interact more with the citizens of Camelot. When MC is out during the winter you encounter a few, but only one of which you can really ask how the recent seige/occupation affected them. And even then…it doesn’t feel like the focus of that interaction. If you’re asking us what branching we’d like to see, I’d like to see something with that. We never get any tales of Camelot other than those of the knights and nobility, and I think an interesting story could come of someone seeking to speak to and for the artisans/guilds. There’s more to running a kingdom than getting married and doing what your wizard tells you to, after all. And given that Merlin doesn’t trust MC I can see him interfering to tell Arthur not to listen, which would lead to a lot of stress between the merchant/artisan class and the noble classes. Which MC could either turn to or from Arthur’s advantage (if working against Arthur would Morgana be an option as well as your father, do you think? Or maybe even the Romans, if you’re bringing them in?)


Progress Update:
Lots of planning done. Also mulling over feedback to see what I can do. If there are any more errors or bugs, do let me know, so I can fix them ASAP.


Progress Update:

After having a few breaks, I have managed to catch up with writing on Chapter 4. Check my Progress Checker to see exactly how much I have written, (Rounded down to the nearest thousand.)

I’ve also decided that I will allow players to save Accolon. Looking at the code, I don’t think it will be too complex, but will take up a little bit of time to do. Saving Accolon won’t exclude unmarried players from pursuing Morgana romantically.

Closed testing will likely be utilised for further testing, with the possibility of tested builds to be uploaded to the forum after corrections. I will announce how to join the closed test when it becomes open for applications.


Small update released today to fix Kay from pursuing a married MC.


How does this work? Cause shes completely in love with the guy at that point?

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You’ll either entice her to cheat or convince her to leave him.


Ah the double cuck. We steal Accolon away and then after Morgan breaks up with him we can hook up with her. Plan is foolproof. And then get killed by Elaina/Arthur.